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The Visionaries Honor Roll is updated on the 15th of every month. If you are not listed and believe that you qualify as an ORT Visionary, please contact  If you aren't an ORT Visionary and would like to become one, you can do so by donating here.

10,324 Visionaries and counting . . .

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Visionaries A through B
Nancy Aal
Sy Aal
Barbara Leslie and Edward Aaron
Ruth R. and Jordan M. Aaronson
Judith L. Abbe and Cyrus Gilbert Abbe
Ann L. Abbott
Cecilia B. and Dr. Richard L. Abbott
Diane and Henry F. Abbott
Nicolene and Peter L. Abbruzzese
Frances and Hillel S. Abel
Herman Abel
Dr. Stephen H. Abel
Deborah Aber and Robert W. Saunders, Jr.
Arnold W. Aberman
Joanne and Irving Abeson
Joseph J. Aboba
Andrea Abonyi
Cynthia and Herzel Aboody
Hermine F. Aborn
Darla S. and Lee Abraham
Marlene S. and William L. Abraham
Rachel J. and David R. Abraham
Ilene Abrahams
Pauline M. Abrahamson
Joan R. and Dr. Stanton Abram
Ann and Al Abramczyk
Barbara and Frank Abramoff
Dr. Barbara and Rabbi A. Nathan Abramowitz
Wendi and Daniel Abramowitz
Charlotte P. Abrams
Ellen L. Abrams
Gail and David Abrams
Gloria S. and Dr. Gerald D. Abrams
Helene and Lester Abrams
Gloria and Ian Abrams
Joyce M. and Lee S. Abrams
Lynn and Philip Abrams
Marcia H. and Gerald Abrams
Nancy and Lawrence Abrams
Natalie and Charles Abrams
Rebecca and Merwin Abrams
Alice Abramson
Dr. Arthur S. Abramson
Irene Abramson
Randi Abramson
Eva Abromson
Esta H. Abrons
Vickie Abrutyn
Lillian G. and Alan S. Acker
Loretta and Israel Acker
Ronne and Jerry Acker
Ruth S. and Isadore Acker
Sharyl and Alan T. Ackerman
Edith R. and Alvin Ackerman
Caryl and Herbert W. Ackerman
Judith Ackerman
Hannah P. and Norman Ackerman
Jennifer Acker-Sherman
Act II Social Club
Helen Adam
Bernice and Charles S. Adams
Constance Adams
Evelyn and Julius Adams
Camille and Arnon Adar
Wayne Adderley
Cookie and Arnold Addison
Marlene Addlestone Bursten
Stephanie and Todd Adel
Andrea B. and James W. Adelman
Debbie and Barry J. Adelman
Donna Adelman
Vida and Gordon P Adelman
Jodi L. and Joel E. Adelman
Judith K. and Joel S. Adelman
Hannah and Philip Adelman
Joel Adelstone
Barbara and Richard Adler
Elsa L. and Murray Adler
June and Sanford A. Adler
Kathy and Dennis Adler
Leonard Adler
Lillian Adler
Marci and Moshe Adler
Marion S. and George Adler
Trish and Mark J. Adler
Nancy and Harold Adler
Robert Adler
Sylvia and Irwin Adler
Elaine Adler-Amrani
Morris Adwar
Mahvash and Soleiman Afrahim
Mino and Emanuel Aframian
Adam Aftergut
Jerry Agam
Debora P. and Victor Aghion
Pauline T. Agostinelli
Nora Varsano-Aharon and Dr. Albert Aharon
Mindy Aharon
Kabir Ahmed
Ann L. and Harvey Aibel
Ann L. and Harvey Aibel
Maurelle and Clifford Ain
Phylis and Theodore Ain
Tanaz Akhlaghi
Ann and Charles Aknin
Isaac Akouka
Beny Alagem
Barbara G. and Jack L. Alberson
Carolyn and Eugene Albert
Elaine and Myron Alberts
Rose and Carl Albun
Martha J. and Richard Alden
Esther and Berni Alder
Caron and Norman Alderman
Flora A. and Martin S. Alderman
Matthew Aleksich
Ilene and David Alex
Gary P. Alexander
Dr. Gerald Alexander
Jack Alexander
Karen Alexander
Paula Alexander
Janie and David Algaze
Sari and Randy S. Alifeld
Benjamin Allen
Carol and Martin Allen
Inez Allen
Judith R. and Leonard S. Allen
Lynne I. and Daniel Allen
Marjorie A. and Richard P. Allen
Rise Allen
Wendy C. and Howard B. Allenberg
Avraham Almozlino
Dorothy Alon
Barbara and Sanford Alper
Davida J. Alperin
Viviane and Joseph Alperin
Peggy Alperin
Ann M. and Lee Alpern
Binnie and Paul Alpert
Geary Ann and David Alpert
Laura and Harvey Alpert
Sally Alpert
April Beth Alpiner
Beverly and Barnett Alport
Bernice and George L. Alsberry
Paula and Bennett Alsher
Faith K. Alster
Rosalind M. and Dr. Edgar S. Alster
Dorothy and Albert Alter
Joseph Alter
Marsha S. and Steven E. Alter
Darcy and Randy Alter
Ann Alterman
Elza M. Alterman
Barbara and Philip Altheim
Morton Altholz
Dana B. and Paul A. Altman
Debra P. and Stephen Altman
Estelle B. and Gerald Altman
Frances A. Altman
Gaye and Michael Altman
Gerry and Phillip Altman
Cheryl and Jim Altman
Loris R. Altman
Ronald E. Altman
Roselyn Altman
Toby L. and Melvyn R. Altman
Jeannine and Aaron Altmann
Audrey J. and Mark Altschul
Naomi Altschul
Jody and Joel Altschule
Carol S. and Arthur L. Altshiller
Lorna Altshuler
Jose R. Alvarez
Beverly Alves
Karine Alyanakian
Jacqueline and Mayer Amarnek
Estelle Ambash
Margo Ambrosetti
Mildred and Irwin Amdur
Gudula H. Amerikaner
Susan Amerling-Stern
Louise and Dr. Houshang Amini
Debra Amona
Ronnie E. and Joel L. Amromin
Brett Amron
Caryn Lazar Amster and William W. Amster
Florene A. Amster
Elaine Amsterdam Cohen
Laurie Amsterdam
Sheila and David Amsterdam
Barbara J. and Irvin R. Anderson
Kay E. Anderson
Margot Anderson
Powell Anderson
NY Building Congress, Inc.
Sherry and Lazaro Andre
Carole K. and James P. Andrew
Sonia and Howard Androphy
Marlene and Larry Angert
Lisa R. Anhalt-Schubert and Dr. Adam J. Schubert
Dara and Jonathan Anker
Joseph Anmuth
Corinne and Joseph Annenberg
Jamie Annenberg
Maxine Anschel
Dr. Jay Ansell
Phyllis Ansell
Stacy and Kyle Anthony
Anti-Aging Institute of California
Linda and Peter J. Antico
Raymond Antos
Gloria Day and Sam Anzalone
Ida and Karl Apotheker
Norma and Donald Appel
Henry Appel
Jack I. Appel
Mildred E. and Jerry Appel
Rabbi Yehuda Appel
Sheila and Steven Appelbaum
Max and Eva Apple Memorial Fund
Stefani and Robert Apple
Dr. William Apple
Annette and Mike Applebaum
Suellen and Mark Applebaum
Muriel Applebaum
Sylvia G. Applebaum
Victoria and William Applebaum
Barbara Appleby
Sherri Appleton and Marty Resnik
Denise Aptekar
Penny and Robert Apter
Sylvia Arbetman
Sheree and Lee Arbus
Susan and Milford Ardell
Marcia Clark Arem and Lawrence J. Arem
Launa and Burton Arenson
Stephen W. Arent
Shirley and Stanley Arffa
Estelle Argaman
Argo Family Fund
Harold Arkava
Alex Arker
Ben H. Arkes
Ilene and Arthur Arkin
Nadine Armus
Barbara Arnoff
Jane H. and Daniel M. Arnold
Emily and Daniel Arnold
Phyllis and Dr. Joseph A. Arnold
Dr. Sylvia and Phillip Arnold
Major William Arnold
Judith and Victor Arnopolin
Arnstein and Lehr, LLP
Beatrice and Dr. Samuel D. Arnstein
Denise and Dr. Richard Arnstine
Doris E. Aron
Andrea B. and Kenneth L. Aron
Sonia Sniderman Aron and Stewart Aron
Judith H. Arond
Lisa and Jeffrey Aronin
Nikki and Michael Aronin
Artie Aronoff
Esther and Martin Aronoff
Susan Aronoff
Dana Gelfeld Aronovich
Eleanor and George Aronovsky
Marjorie and David S. Aronow
Elaine Arons
Barbara R. and Dr. Robert R. Aronson
Fay P. Aronson
Robin E. Aronson
Ruth and Moe Aronson
Vera and Elliot Aronson
Elva K. Aronstein
Ellen Arthur
Bernice Artz
Gail and Marty Arum
Otilio Arzola, Jr.
Elaine and Haim Asa
Laurel A. Ash
Elinore and Emanuel Asher
Eugene Asher
Fae R. Asher
Tiffany Ashitey
Caryl W. and Marvin M. Ashkin
Joan and Leon D. Ashner
Nancy Ashouri
Ruby Asiss
Iris and Samuel Astrof
Deborah G. and David M. Astrove
Aaron Aszkenazy
Flora B. and Maurice D. Atkin
Sylvia and Irving Atkin
Atlanta Spirit LLC
The Atmos Foundation
Bella R. Attix
Mildred and Edward Attman
Annette Auerbach
Doris and Bernard Auerbach
Jeanette B. and Daivd Auerbach
Eileen and Larry Auerbach
Marilyn R. Auerbach
Zevin Auerbach
Sandra and Preston Augenbaum
Barbara and Ethan Augenblick
Doris and James M. August
Lois E. and Michael R. August
Sylvia Augustine
Regina Aulisio
Roberta Auslander
Cantor Wendy J. and Bruce Autenrieth
Maida and Dr. David Averbach
JoAnn Avery
Charles H. Avner
Adele Ruth Avruch
Roberta C. and Philip M. Axe
Robin S. and Jacob M. Axel
Anita P. Axelrod
Sylvia and Burton Axelrod
Tiki and Arthur J. Axelrod
Drs. Joel Axler and Louise Short
Linda and Jeffrey Ayes
Evelyn and Arthur Azarchi
Ronald Aziz
Terry L. and David D. Azose
B Direct, Inc.
William Babcox
Meryl and Jeff Babin
Carol and Leroy D. Baca
Florence Bache
Harriet and Marvin Bachman
Myra and Alvin Bachman
Sheila Bachman
Claire and Seymoure Bachmuth
Fruma and Nahum Bachrach
Marcie W. and Nathan Bachrach
Shirley and Irving Backinoff
Linda M. and Craig Bacon
Beatrice and Stanley M. Baer
Dena W. and Ralph H. Baer
Yosef Baer
Arlene and Ronald Bagen
Terri and Laurence F. Bagen
Terri Bagen
Kamel S. Bahary
Norman Bahary
Ruth Bahn
Yvonne H. and Farhad Bahremand
Bobbie Bailey
Sharon and Dr. Charles Bailin
Marc Bailin
Karen Bailis-Saef and Dr. Jerold L. Saef
Mordecai Baill
Carlene Baime
Ruth Bain
Betty and Edward Baizer
Ruth H. Bakal
Raquel Bakalar
Jeffrey Bakalchuck
Beatrice Bakalish
Hannah Baker
Helen and Jay Baker
Jamie Baker
Dr. Lillian and Eli Baker
Marcia J. Baker
Virginia H. and William A. Baker
Sara Shereen Bakhshian
Anita Myra and Selgene Balaban
Cindy and Michael Balan
Roberta and Laurence Balfus
Bette and Phillip Balk
Nora and Albert Balk
Deborah A. and Michael L. Balkin
Phyllis and Edward Ball
Sandra and Joseph Ball
Susan Ballis
Audrey Balog
Susan W. and Dr. Paul Balter
Carola and David S. Bamberger
Soraya Banafsheh
Zitta and Kenneth Bander
Nancy Bangel
Michele S. and James Banker
Casey and Jamie Bankhurst
Marianne D. Bankier
Elaine and George Bankoff
Nancy L. and Dr. Charles H. Banov
Muriel L. and Earl M. Banquer
Senta Bar
Lee Barab
Elise J. and Peter Barack
Arlene and Arnold Barad
Barbie and Ronald S. Barak
Lillian Baraka
Rachel Baranick and Michael Chapman
Leah and Isaac Baranker
Ruth G. Baraoidan
Judith and Clifford Barasch
Adele Baratz
Robin and Robert S. Baratz
Shirley and Zollie Baratz
Candy and Harvey J. Barbag
Toby F. and Paul D. Barbell
Rosette and David Barcohana
Herbert Bard
Marilyn and Joseph Bard
Dan Barish
Rita and Sidney Barish
Barbara M. and John T. Barker
Susan Barkin
Dawn W. Barkley
Mary C. and Michael V. Barnd
Peggy and Alan Barnett
Aliza Barnett
Andrea T. and Scott A. Barnett
Susan and Sidney Barnett
Andrea and William E. Barnett
Marvin Barofsky
Ellen D. and Richard J. Baron
Estelle and Allen Baron
Hal Baron
Henrietta Baron
Ronna and Avery Baron
Sharon and Adam Baron
Joan A. and Dr. Neiel Baronberg
Sybil Barondes
Ree and Eugene Barrack
Dr. Judith N. and Stephen Barrett
Laurel and Norman Barrie
Arlene M. and William Barris
Barris, Sott, Denn & Driker P.L.L.C.
Dorothy and Abe Barrish
Esther Barrish
J. Martin Barrish
Beatrice S. Barron
Beatrice H. Barron
Thelma A. and Robert Glenn Barron
Ruth and Bob Barry
Jeanette Barsky
Evalyn S. and Stephen P. Barson
Debbi and Jack Barson
Andrew Bart
Barbara and Clifford Bart
Lillian Bart
Dolores N. and Dr. Alan G. Bartel
Carol E. and Leonard Bartel
Muriel and Sydney Bartell
Idell and Seymour N. Bartlett
Muriel Bartmasser
Alyssa and Steven Barton
Margot Potiker-Baruch and Lloyd Baruch
Shany and David J. Barukh
Louise M. and Maurice Baruth
Marilyn and Dr. Jay J. Basch
Leelo and Glenn Basham
Elizabeth Basirico
Carl Baskin
Cynthia and Fred Baskin
The Bill Bass Foundation
Celia and Sheldon Bass
Susan K. and Dale S. Bass
Dee and Richard Bass
Donna K. and Howard Bass
Herbert Bass
Jennifer and Mitchell Bass
Sheri Z. and Marc D. Bassewitz
Jeffrey Bast
Arlene and Richard Batchley
Nancy Jo and Gene Bate
John L. Battaglia, Jr.
Lilo G. and Franklin M. Battat
Michaele Snyder Battles and Philip M. Battles
Diane Axler and Donald Baum
Ilene Baum
Jack Baum
Judith Baum
Zelda and Ward Baum
Robin M. and Joseph P. Bauman
Betty and Abraham Baumel
Rita H. and Charles B. Baumer
Jean H. and Hans J. Baumgarten
Selma and Seymour Baumgarten
Florence and Joseph Baumoel
Tina Bavarian
Miriam Baxter
Lillian and Edward Bayone
Sara and Jacobo Bazbaz
Amy and Gary Bazelon
Ellen and Gerald Bazer
Sara and Steven Bazer
Barbara K. and Stephen W. Bazinsky
Brenda L. Bean
Hagay Bechory
Phyllis S. Beck
Ruth H. and Jerry G. Beck
Sharon E. and Morton S. Beck
Jodi and Adam Becker
Barbara A. and Dr. Nathan Becker
Cynthia and Daniel Becker
Dorothy M. and Donald M. Becker
Ellen and Marvin Becker
Florence L. Becker
Irene T. Becker
Irene A. and Irving Becker
Dr. Joseph Becker
Judy Becker
Lillian and Lewis Becker
Marilyn and Sidney Becker
Rae and Dr. Jerrold M. Becker
Marilyn and Robert M. Becker
Dorris T. and Bernard Beckler
Helen and Arthur Bednersh
Linda Barash Beeber and Dr. Bruce Beeber
Elaine and David Beeber
Jeannie and Jeffrey Beech
Brian Beecher
Nancy Beer
Sally and Leo Behar
Shirley S. and Marcel N. Behar
Fania and Samuel Behmoiras
Ellen Beilock
Rabbis Judith R.and Stan J. Beiner
Patricia and Seth Beitler
Carol M. and Melvin J. Beitscher
Sharon and Michael Bekas
Louise and Michael Beldon
Ruth P. and Irvin Belenzon
Cynthia and Stephen Belis
Alan and Harriette Belkin
Allison L. Bell
Gloria J. and Allan M. Bell
Jeanette Bell
Eleanor and Dr. Lamar A. Bell
Marc Bell
Nina K. and Edwin J. Bell
Rick Bell
Sheila and Robert Bell
Fritzi Bellamy
Betty G. and Edgar C. Belle
Talah T. Bellin
Carolyn and Jim L. Bellinson
Jeanne L. and Samuel Bellman
Renee and William Belman
Lenore and Sheldon Belofsky
Doris Ann and Robert Belovin
Karen and Melvin Belsky
Judith F. Beltz Shreiber and Leonard J. Shreiber
Mikkie Belvedere
Jack Belz
Hava and Ephraim Ben Zvi
Joan and Franklin Benamy
Ruth and Gary Benanav
Solange and Armand Benaroch
Evelyn A. and Richard Benas
Norma W. Benavides
Jane and Irwin Bendell
Adelle Bender
Dr. Joseph Bender
Natalie and Bernard Bender
Robert R. Bender
Sharon L. and David Bender
Rochelle and Armand H. Bendersky
Cynthia and Jay S. Bendis
Nadine A. and Richard Bendycki
Lawrence A. Benenson
Arlene F. Benjamin
Bonnie Benjamin
Donna M. and Gary M. Benjamin
Izrael Benjamin
Jerome Benjamin
Joan R. and Richard Benjamin
Lois G. and Thomas Benjamin
Lynn and Steve Benjamin
Sherrie and Bernard Benjamin
Stella Benkel
Lauren M. and Stuart M. Benkendorf
Shayne Benkendorf
Gertrude Josephine Bennett Family Foundation
Gertrude and Robert Bennett
Herb K. Bennett
Mimy and Larry J. Bennett
Phyllis and Harold N. Benson
Jila and Parviz Benyamini
Rhona and Eliot C. Berber
Barbara S. and Dr. George Berch
Marilyn C. and Jeff Bercovitz
Stacey D. and Adam M. Berebitsky
Louise Z. Berenson
Elaine J. Beresh
Shirley and Bernard Beresin
Barbara L. and Gerald R. Berg
Barbara and Bernard Berg
Deborah L. and William M. Berg
Ethel Berg
Frances Lewy Berg and Mark R. Berg
Janet S. and Marshall Berg
Pearl S. and Mark Berg
Pearl and William Berg
Renee S. and Jeffrey B. Berg
Robin and Allen Berg
Ann M. and Malvin Bergart
Beatrice Bergen
Adele and Melvin Berger
Bonni L. and Alan W. Berger
Audrey E. and Bruce P. Berger
Barbara Berger
Bernice K. and Carl Berger
Bess and Barry Berger
Betty and Irvin Berger
Brenda and Stephen Berger
Carol and Daniel M. Berger
Lynn A. and Daniel M. Berger
Dorris M. and Edward M. Berger
Felice Berger
Gerald Berger
Judith and Kenneth Berger
Leila Berger and Benjamin Preisler
Nechoma Berger
Harriet and Ronald Berger
Joan and Sidney C. Berger
Susan and Paul D. Berger
Sylvia and Dr. Irwin Berger
Thelma Berger
Vicki and Gregory Berger
Sheila S. and Leonard E. Berghash
Eleanor and Sidney Bergman
Harvey Bergman
Jeanne and Ronald Bergman
Lena and Julian Bergman
Tricia and Ron S. Bergman
Shirley D. Bergman
Shirley and Victor Bergman
Erna Berid
Jane and David Berk
Jean and Sam Berk
Joan G. Berke
Maxine L. and Neal Berke
Harriet Berkis
Shelly Berkley
Marsha Lee and Norman M. Berkman
Marina Berkovich
Ernest Berkovits
Anna W. Berkovitz
Alice and Leonard Berkowitz
Annette Berkowitz
Adele and Charles Berkowitz
Clara B. and Milton Berkowitz
Pauline Berkowitz
Richard C. Berkowitz
Aaron and Ruth Berkowitz
Lor and Stuart M. Berkowitz
Eileen W. and Myron Berkson
Fritzi W. Berkson
Murial and Orville Berkson
Myrna and Howard Berkson
Stuart Berkson
Sylvia and Keith Berkson
Jordan Berkus
Barbara M. and Frederick L. Berlack
Isabel and William Berley
Susan and Nico Berlijn
Amy and James Berlin
Barbara S. and Harvey B. Berlin
Carol L. and Edward Berlin
Judith E. and Dr. Gabriel I. Berlin
Lillian and Byron Berlin
Michael Berlin
Golda and Nathaniel D. Berlin
Lynne and Irv Berliner
Regina Berliner
Eve M. and Norman Berlinsky
Charleston Chapter
The Berman Family
Berman Rennert Vogel & Mandler, P.A.
Alissa and Phillip Berman
Davida and Joel Berman
Doris M. and Stuart Berman
Eunice and Jack Berman
Helen Berman
Irma G.K. and Peter J. Berman
Joseph Berman and Linda Scher
Judith and Bernard Berman
Karen S. Berman
Leonard N. Berman
Linda W. and Niles Berman
Marcia Berman
Michael S. Berman
Ray and Hersh Berman
Revelle and Hyman Berman
Rhoda and Isadore Berman
Rose P. and Edward Berman
Rose and Dr. Seymour Berman
Susan and Steven Berman
Suzanne M. Berman
Toby and Dr. Philip G. Berman
Susie Berman-Levine and Murray Levine
Judith and Dr. A. David Bernanke
Dr. Harold Bernanke
Hadas J. and Dennis S. Bernard
Maureen L. Bernard
Winifred Bernard
Ruth S. Bernards
Arlene and Stanley Bernath
Alma Berne
Carolyn and Ronald L. Bernell
Suzan B. and Victor M. Bernhard
Alissa and Jerry Bernholc
Marcia and Herbert Bernick
Piedad A. Bernikow
Sara and Michael A. Berns
Ruth H. Berns
Alan Bernstein
Arleen and Manuel Bernstein
Donna and Barry Bernstein
Brenda and Paul Bernstein
Catherine and Arthur Bernstein
Debbie C. and Steven M. Bernstein
Elayne P. and Sol Bernstein
Ellie and Robert Bernstein
Estelle and Norbert Bernstein
Ethelyn and Alan Bernstein
Eunice and Lawrence A. Bernstein
Helene Bernstein
Howard B. Bernstein
Lillian Bernstein
Marilyn and Melvin Bernstein
Marion and Henry Bernstein
Victoria J. and Martin Bernstein
Frances and Martin Bernstein
Matthew Bernstein
Mildred R. and Nathaniel Bernstein
Miriam A. and M. Jack Bernstein
Myrna Bernstein
Reva and Milton Bernstein
Rita and Walter Bernstein
Gloria and Robert Bernstein
Ruth and Aaron Bernstein
Selma N. Bernstein
Shirley and Newton B. Bernstein
Shirley R. and Stanley Bernstein
Joni and Donald Berry
Sharon Bershtel
Elaine F. and Stephen S. Bertman
Karen and Dr. Stanley Bertman
David Berz
Faye R. and Harold Berzon
Laurie W. and Sid D. Besmertnik
Lona L. Bess
Abe Besser
Suzanne Bessette-Smith and David K. Smith
Jean and Michael Best
Roberta Betron
Elaine K. and Joseph S. Bettman
Eleanor and Herbert Betz
Beverly Hills Medical Plaza Properties
Claire Bezahler
Esther Bezborodko
Sarojben C. And Chhaganbhai B. Bhakta
Lauren G. and Gary G. Biales
Ronni S. and Jack Bialosky
Barbara Bianchini
Barbara Bianco
Israel Bick
Sharon G. Bickler Abraham
Hyman Bielsky
Katherine H. Bielsky
Doris Bienstock
Rebecca and Michael Bier
Ruth and Bruce J. Bier
Marcella M. and Frank Bierman
Marcy and Kenneth Bikofsky
Darlene and Barry H. Bikshorn
Beverly R. and Seymour Bilder
Sidney Biller
Rosie and Eli Bilmen
Shirley and George Bilsky
Sheila Bina
Martha and Stuart L. Bindeman
Amy Binder
Blanche Binder
Harry Binder
Harold Binenstock
Margaret E. Birmingham
Irene H. and Asher J. Birnbaum
Eileen and Sidney M. Birnbaum
Jane Birnbaum
Max Birnbaum
Linda and Dr. Neal Birnbaum
Carol L. and Peter M. Birnbaum
Jo Anne and Edmund M. Birnbrey
Shirlye W. and Henry Birnbrey
Miriam Ruth and Raymond Birndorf
Meyer Bishansky
Craig Bishop
Evelyn Bishop
Dr. Joseph Y. Bistricer
Marion L. Bittner
Dr. Richard S. Blacher
Odette and Max Blachman
Janis Black Warner and Douglas B. Warner
Annette and Marvin Black
Eleanor Black
Emilia F. Black
Evelyn and Tom Black
Anne Blackman
Clara Blackman
Sylvia and Michael Blain
Bette Rose and Harold O. Blair
Susan S. and Bradley Blair
Harold Bland
Eleanor and Bruce Blank
Glenda R. and Harley Blank
Jennie and Joseph Blank
Lori and Stephen Blank
Rochelle W. Blank
Ruth Ann and Ronald B. Blank
Miriam and Larry A. Blankstein
Marian and Gerald Blanton
Renee and Irwin Blatner
Hilda F. and Norman H. Blatt
Judy and Howard Blatt
Shira Blatt
Barbara Blatte
Edith and Walter Blattner
Dorothy and Joseph Blau
Michelle Blau
Susan L. and Joel M. Blau
Rose and Max Blauner
Sherri L. and Marc D. Blaushild
Renee Blaustein
Shirley and Milton Bleaman
Cheryl and Dr. Anthony Bledin
Nancy C. and Ronald A. Bleeker
Rhoda and Abraham Bleich
Renee and Leon Bleifeld
Linda and Michael E. Bleiweis
Barbara and Gary Bleiweiss
Irene and Morton Blieberg
Rita L. Bligh
Shirley and David Blinder
Dr. Barry A. Blinkoff
Rita and Irwin Blitt
Dr. Susan G. Blitz
Eleanor S. Bloch
Renee and Erich Bloch
Marion C. Bloch and David Cherson
Elaine H. and Raymond C. Block
Jean Block
Michele Block
Nancy L. Block
Phyllis Blonde and Norman Falcon
Rosalind and Dr. David S. Bloom
Doris Bloom
Barbara and Douglas A. Bloom
Gail and Edwin Bloom
Geraldine and Sheldon Bloom
Claire and Harold Bloom
Henry Robert Bloom and Marilyn Malkin
Joyce and Donald S. Bloom
Marjorie W. and Gordon Bloom
Mildred M. and Seymour Bloom
Rachel Bloom
Dr. Richard Bloom
Sandra Bloom
Karen Bloomfield and Frank A. Scavone
Louis J. Bloomfield
Fay and Masse Bloomfield
Charlotte G. Bluestone
Alfred W. Blum
Elaine R. and Norman A. Blum
Joyce and Dr. George Blum
Lawrence J. Blum
Milton Blum
Ruth M. and Jacob Blum
Beth P. and Alfred Blumberg
Roslyn S. and Norman Blumberg
Margaret L. and Dr. Robert Blume
Sarah and Edward Blumen
Leila and Jerome Blumenfeld
Linda Davis Blumenfeld
Sandra and Robert E. Blumenfeld
Norman Blumenson
Linda and Gershon Blumenstein
Penny B. and Harold Blumenstein
Barbara and Harris J. Blumenthal
Ellin G. and Lewis Blumenthal
Evelyn and Solomon J. Blumenthal
Elaine and Dr. Jerome Blumenthal
Susan and Irvin G. Blumkin
Min and Nathan Blumsack
Sean Bluni
Anita P. and Bernhard Blutinger

Paula Mead Boberman and Sam Boberman
Zivian and Sidney I. Bocarsly
Lori and Thomas E. Bocchino
Madelene M. and Arnold Bochner
James Bodenheimer
Dr. Lucile Bodenheimer and Jim Holiday
Marion Bodian
Pearlena Bodzin
Edith S. Boehm
Sonia and Max Bogen
Kristen Bogenrief
Andrew Bogle
Unitone Communication Systems
Sandra H. and Alan E. Bohen
Dr. Susan and Martin Boiko
Ilene and David Bojar
Yvette Boldt
Karen Boley
Yafa Boloor
Marcia and Saul Bolotsky
Helen Bolsky
Dr. Mary Ann Bolte and John Sindorf
Janet and Wade Bolton
Marilyn Bolton
Philip Bolton
Marsha A. Bomar and Lucien C. Bomor, II
Greg Bonifield
Rowena F. Book
Carol and Barnett N. Bookatz
Joyce Booke
Linda R. Bookey
Miriam Bookstaver
Debra B. and Ronald Boorstein
Thelma Boorstein
Joyce and Roy Booth
Gail and Ron Bor
Evelyn J. and Lloyd A. Borak
Judith and Saul Borash
Dr. Marcia Beth Bordman
Helen and Norman Borenstein
Miriam and Irving Borenstein
Sandra and Seymour Borenstein
Helen and Willie Boris
Philip Borkat
Harriet S. and Donald M. Borkenstein
Carolyn Borman
Barbara G. Bornstein
Roslyn E. and George Bornstein
Jodi Bornstein
Marilyn and Lester Bornstein
Mollie and Sigmund W. Bornstein
Nancy and Bernard Bornstein
Audrey J. and Ralph S. Bornstein
Sandra L. and Robert A. Bornstein
Shirley and Bernard Bornstein
Terry F. and Willard Bornstein
Dr. Judith Borodkin
Drs. Thelma and Solomon Borodkin
Eva and Dr. Dov L. Boros
Rabbi Mark Borovitz
Charles R. Borrok
Ruth and Sherwin Borsuk
Lillian S. Bort
Leon M. Bortnick
Susan and Jerry Bortstein
Harry H. and Anna Borun Foundation
Anita B. and David Botnick
Francine Botwinick
Susan and Joseph Botwinick
Ruth Botzer
Ellin Bousel
Bonnie and Gregory Boverman
Jules I Bowen
Phyllis E. and Paul Bower
Trudy and Curt Bowman
Beverly S. and Gerald Boxstein
Leslie S. and Daniel P. Boyarsky
Gloria and Richard Boyell
Geraldine and Norman Boym
Leona and Norman Brachfeld
Rachel M. and Julius Brachman
Ruth and Richard Brachman
Elaine and Dr. Alvin Brackup
Joyce and Paul Bradford
Chris Bradshaw
Dr. Joan L. Bradus and Dale Friedman
Shirley and Harold Braff
Anne Braffman
Marilyn P. and Justin Brafman
Evelyn D. and Malcolm A. Brahms
May and Kenneth C. Braidman
Marilyn Braiger and Brigitte Fitzsimmons
Joseph J. Brain
David N. Brainin
Johanna and Gary Brainin
Joanne Bramnick
Libby and David J. Bramson
Barbara and Kenneth L. Brand
Cookie Brand
Zelda Brand
Muriel Brandess
Barbara Brand-Hochberg and Shmuel Hochberg
Joyce and Saul Brandman
Ita and Sylvan Brandman
Sandy and Harvey Brandner
Alice R. Brandt
Bruce Brandt
Rheda S. Brandt
Sarah and Kurt Brandt
William Brandt
Hedy and Jay Brasch
Laura and Heinz Brass
Yetta and Sydney Brass
Doris Braude
Norma M. and Lee Braude
Maxine and Marshall Brauer
Janice R. and Mark Braun
Nancy A. and William L. Braun
Ruth and Louis Brause
Beverly Braverman
Joy Braverman
Catherine C. and Robert A. Brawer
Gayle and Ronald I. Breakstone
Dorothy and Seymour Brecher
Barbara Adler Brecher and Meir Brecher
Shirley and Herbert Brecher
Ritalynne Brechner
Saul Bregman
Edmund Brehm
Gilda and Jack Brehm
Lola and Jack Breidbart
Eileen and Robert Breier
Julie and Louis Breitstein
Joan Brement
Jacob Brener
Debra I. and Larry Brenman
Charlotte B. and Newton D. Brenner
Ellen and Robert Brenner
Esther and Robert Brenner
Frances Brenner
Miriam P. Brenner
Sylvia Brenner
Claudia and Terence Brenner
Randi S. Brenowitz and Marty Klein
Lillian and Robert Brent
Harriet and Dr. Robert L. Brent
Helen Bresenoff
Harriet and Morton R. Bresenoff
Dorothy R. and Joseph Breskman
Claire and Solomon Breslau
L. M. Breslau
Erika Breslauer
Phyllis S. and Marc S. Breslof
Judith R. and Jules W. Breslow
Elaine and Warren L. Breslow
Marian B. Bressel and Thomas C. Ligon
Suzanne Siegel Bressler and Dr. Adam M. Bressler
Bernice L. Bressler
Ruth A. and Robert Bressler
Ann W. and Dr. Miles Eli Brett
Linda Breyer
Penny J. Brichta and Robert Pollock
Enid and Jerome Brick
Judith D. Brickman
Holley and Mal Bricks
Herbert M. Bridge
Ruth Briefman
Irene R. Brieger
Edna Honey and Jack Bright
Helene and Maurice Bright
Naomi and Richard Brill
Sylvia Berland Brill and Frank Brill
Marilyn and Dr. Howard L. Brilliant
Phyllis B. and Dr. Myron Brin
Jordan S. Brinn
Michael F. Briselli and Jeannee P. Sacken
Suzanne L. and David S. Broad
Laurie and Christopher G. Brochert
Belinda and Robert Brock
Jeanette Brod Lazer
Elaine Brod
Penny A. and Harvey A. Brode
Adina O. and Bruce Broder
Gertrude and Saul Broder
Frances and Herman Broder
Marilyn and Sol Broder
Ruth Broder
Amy Jo and David Brodie
Gloria and J. Steve Brodie
Marilyn Brodie
Evelyn Brodkin
Shirley and Theodore Brodlieb
Jane and Richard Brodman
Judith W. and Saul H. Brodman
Rebeca Brodnan
Phyllis and Murray Brodoff
Ida and Jack Brodsky
Joyce Brodsky
Marjorie and Dr. Gilbert Brodsky
Tema and Richard Brodsky
Alexandra and Morton Brody
Jane and Arthur S. Brody
Debra and Jeff Brody
Hilda Brody
Janet Brody
Joanne H. and Richard F. Brody
Karen and Greg Brody
Sheila F. and Norman Brody
Elaine Lasnik-Broida and Michael P. Broida
Marilyn and Sheldon Bromberg
Jodi and Seth Bromberg
Fern and Robert A. Bronfman
Ronit and Matthew Bronfman
Dale C. Bronner
Leah H. and Dr. Felix Bronner
Clare Bronsen
Judith and Earl Bronsteen
Enid and Eugene Bronstein
Joyce M. and Herbert A. Bronstein
Sylvia Bronstein
Joy and Malcom S. Brook
Miriam Brook
Miriam M. and Alan S. Brooker
Harriet M. Brookman
Anna and Morris Brooks
Ellen and Philip G. Brooks
Lynda Brooks
Marian A. Brooks
Marilyn Brooks
Muriel Wetsman Brooks and William Brooks
Sandra and Philip Brooks
Helene and Brian D. Broomer
Joan Brosnick
Lewis Brosowsky
Tamar C. and Peter D. Brosse
Elaine S. and Melvin M. Brothman
Farron and Dr. Martin Brotman
Judith F. Broude and Rabbi Samuel G. Broude
Kenneth Browde
Alyce Brown
Arlene S. Brown
Barbara E. and Dr. David L. Brown
Barbara Brown
Bert S. Brown
Blanche E. and Arthur Brown
Claire B. and Dr. Edwin B. Brown
Valerie and Daniel Brown
Deborah L. and Matthew Brown
Esther and Dr. Albert R. Brown
Michelle and Evan M. Brown
Gail Feiger Brown and Andrew Brown
Gail Gross Brown and Kenneth A. Brown
Gloria S. Brown
Irene R. Brown
Joanne and Milton J. Brown
Judith and Edwin Brown
Judith E. and Leslie D. Brown
Julie A. and Dr. Steven S. Brown
Lisa Brown
Lois E. and Norman B. Brown
Marilyn Brown and Leonard Silberman
Martin Brown
Peggy and Burt Brown
Raya and Morton B. Brown
Ruth L. Brown
Sally Brown
Barbara and Dr. Stanley Brown
Susan and Jeffrey A. Brown
Sylvia E. and Leonard E. Brown
Paul and Dean Browne
Janet B. Brownold
Sunny S. and Harvey Brownrout
Carole A. and Martin J. Brownstein
Joan J. and Howard Brownstein
Marian and Stanley Brownstein
Morton Brownstein
Rochelle Brownstein
Maxine and Morry L. Brownstone
Leslie and Robert Bruce
Susan Bruch
Edith and Irwin Bruck
Israel Bruk
Eleanor and Joseph Brumberg
Rona R. and Samuel M. Brummer
Golda L. Brunhild and William Wilen
Miriam Brunn Ruberg and Rabbi Arthur M. Ruberg
Roiann Bruno
Barbara and Stanley Bruskin
Brian Brutman
Jeanne Brutman
Mary Jo Bryan-Wolsky and Alan M. Wolsky
Jueryll Buan
Florence and Irving Bubes
Jennifer and Bart Bucci
Mitzi and Herbert Buchholz
Rita and Howard Buchner
Janet J. Buchwald and Joel Moskowitz
Daniel Buckfire
Lori and John Buckley
Sally and Stanley Buckstone
Karen A. and Fred Buckwold
Doris Budner
Maia Budnero
Elaine Buechler
Marci R. Buffington
Susan W. and James W. Bugenstein
Ephraim Buhks and Dana Garcia
Marian Bukrinsky
Jacob Buksbaum
Selma and Paul Bukstein
Beth and Jeffrey Buncher
Ruth and Dr. Alan Bunin
Ricki L. and David Bunkin
Karen S. and John Bunyan
Ruth and Elmer H. Burack
Irene and Ben Burdetsky
Eleanor J. and Irving X. Burg
Elaine and Jerry Burg
AKA Armstrong
Drs. Carol and Scott Burg
Toba and Sam Burg
Murrie W. and Paul Burgan
Emily and Andrew Burger
Lottie H. and Henry M. Burger
Grace J. Burgin
Dr. Monroe Burk
Jennifer B. and Dr. Robert Burke
Michele Burke
Dr. Lynn and Marvin Burkes
Diane R. and Howard S. Burkom
Lillie and Daniel J. Burkons
Michael J. Burlingame and Chistopher S. Smith
Ann and Richard Burnstine
Beatrice Burres
Beatrice Burstein
Caryn S. Burstein
Lisa F. Burstein
Dr. Barbara S. Burstin
Carol Burton
Annette and Stanley Busch
Cynthia and Richard Busch
Hedy S. and Stuart S. Bush
Ruth and Raymond Butcher
Betty and Joseph Butensky
Virginia C. and Patrick R. Butler
Phyllis and Sam Butters
Ellen R. and David A. Byck
Gayle and Keith Byerly
Barbra Byrd
Patricia Byrne
Yetta K. and Albert Byster


This list is effective as of  December 31, 2010, and includes early renewal.

If you are not listed and believe that you qualify as an ORT Visionary, please contact ORT America’s Special Events Department at  If you aren't an ORT Visionary and would like to become one, you can do so by donating here.

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