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The Visionaries Honor Roll is updated on the 15th of every month. If you are not listed and believe that you qualify as an ORT Visionary, please contact  If you aren't an ORT Visionary and would like to become one, you can do so by donating here.

10,324 Visionaries and counting . . .

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Visionaries S through U
Sharon Saacks
Lee and Stanley Saal
Cathy Sabag
Grace and Joseph Sabbagh
Jacob Sabel
Arlene Sable
Joan and Leonard Sable
Ruth and Alvin Sabo
Andy Sachs
Charlotte E. Sachs
Frances L. and Leon Sachs
Lynn S. and John L. Sachs
Karen L. and Dr. Warren E. Sachs
Yetty and Mendel Sachs
Karen and Todd Sachse
Susan Sack
Arlene C. and Peter V. Sacks
Faith and Donald R. Sacks
Floradahl G. Sacks
Lynn Deitch Sacks and Jay Sacks
Mora Sacks
Shari R. and Jeffrey A. Sacks
Sheilagh and Faramarz Sadeghi
Violet Sadeghi
Robin F. and William Sadek
Carol and Harold Sader
Eric Sadkin
Ida Sadler
Miriam H. and Samuel Sadler
Naomi and Jerome Sadofsky
Penny Sadownick
Steven Safan
Jo Ann Safavi
Marilyn Safenowitz
Cynthia F. and Jack H. Saffer
Andrea J. and Kenneth B. Saffir
Judith Saffran
Ann Safier
Judy A. and Marty Safirstein
Michael J. Safra and Sharon Rosenberg
Barbara Skydell Safran and Arthur Safran
Evie and Gordon H. Safran
Lisa E. and Steven G. Safran
Helene and Bruce L. Safro
Judith and Kenneth Sagat
Alan Sager
Florence and Joseph Sager
Cantor Sarah J. Sager and William Joseph Sager
Marjorie Coons Sagman and Bernard Sagman
Linda S. and Dr. Leonard Sahn
Alice and Dr. Burton R. Saidel
Joanna Saidel and Greg Goley
Thelma Sailer
Rachel Sair
Margaret and Alex Sais
Lisa T. Saitz Sokol
Sharon R. and Aaron Sak
Barbara and Carl Saks
Linda and Norman M. Saks
Rebecca and Gary Robert Sakwa
Kimberly and Jeffrey J. Sakwa
Sandra R. Salaman
Albert Salant
Adriana L. Salazar
Luis Salazar
Joan and Ephraim Sales
Carolyn and Bernard Salevitz
Sari and Dr. Edward Salinas
Roberta and Michael Salinger
Rhonda and Stuart Salins
Carolyn B. and Harold Salk
Richard Salkow
Hope G. and Warren E. Salmanoff
Roselle and Alfred Salmon
Edna B. Salomon
Betty and Gerhard Salomon
Rochelle Salomon
Roberta and Wallace Salshutz
Janet and Maxwell Hillary Salter
Natalie Saltiel
Barbara G. and Gilbert M. Saltman
Helen Saltman
Ann and Sidney G. Saltz
Lesie A. and Carl Saltz
Edward Saltzberg
Suzanne and Lee S. Saltzman
Linda Saltzman
Roslyn E. Saltzman
Shirley A. Saltzman
Susan C. Saltzman
Susan W. and William D. Saltzman
Joseph Salus
Melvin Salvay
Julius Salzbank
Arlene M. and Milton Salzberg
David Salzberg
Jane R. and Barry J. Salzberg
Amy Salzman Gorman and Howard Gorman
Geraldine Salzman
Joseph Salzman
Sandra J. and Sam Salzman
Lois P. and Robert M. Samet
Gertrude Samowitz
Joan S. and Charles E. Samson
Elaine N. and Dr. Irwin L. Samuels
Irene Samuels
Lee Samuels
Linda L. and Stanley L. Samuels
Marcia B. Samuels and David Kamer
Evelyn Samurin
Jaleh Samway-Bast
Amanda M. Sanchez
Daniel Sandberg
Evelyn H. Sanders
Virginia and Jack Sanders
Annie L. and Art Sandler
Arlene and Al Sandler
Harriet Sandler
Linda and Sherwin Sandler
Myron Sandler
Susan and Rabbi Neil Sandler
Doris and Paul Sandler
Peggy and Sheldon Sandler
Sydelle K. and Marc N. Sandler
Wilma G. and Steven C. Sandler
Marjorie Sandlow and Barry Rosen
Sandra and Lawrence Sandman
Rita Sandomer
Geri Sue and Richard K. Sandor
Lisa and Gilbert Sandroff
LIRO Group
Shirley Berhang Sands
Sarah and Marvin Sanfield
Ruth E. Sang
Ronnie and Syroos Sanieoff
Bernice and Jack Sankary
Frances and Harvey Sanoff
Michele Sansoucy
Wendy C. and Dr. Jerome Santoro
Susan and Julian Saper
Barbara and Gerald Saperstein
Ellen F. and Robert C. Sapinkopf
Marilyn Saposh
Susan and Allan B. Saposnick
Shari Sapot
Rabbi Amy Sapowith
Sapurstein & Bloch, P.A.
Natalie and Leonard S. Saragossi
Joan G. and Arnold L. Sarasky
Arlene Sardell
David Sarett
Anne P. and Orville O. Sarles
Cela and Jack Sarna
Amy Sarnoff
Linda Sartori
Janet S. and Gideon Sasson
Phyllis and Jerome C. Satin
Renee and Albert Sattin
Virginia and Milton Saul
Lisa and Howard Saulles
May and Norton Savage
Fredda and Steven P. Savett
Dr. Barry S. Savits
Sheila and Leonard Savitt
Jack Sawyer
George L. Saxe
Marion Gardner-Saxe and Len Saxe
Janice D. and Richard Saylor
Angelo Scagnelli
Irwin Scarf
Eva and Frank Schaal
Dorothy and David J. Schachne
Lawrence Schacht Foundation, Inc.
Carole and Judah Schachter
Florence and Joseph Schachter
Z. Harry Schachter
Molly and Michael Schack
Annette Schaefer
Harriet and Larry Schaeffer
Norma G. and Perry Schaeffer
Ruth and Irving Schaeffer
Barbara J. and Nelson Schafer
Orna S. and David Schafer
Phyllis M. Schaffer
Denise A. and Kevin W. Schaffner
Marian and Gerald B. Schain
Ann S. and Fred M. Schalit
Gloria B. and Samuel Schall
Joan H. and Michael J. Schaller
Robin and David Schamberg
Doris and Henry B. Schan
Dorothy and Samuel Schankler
Jane S. and William Schapiro
Jule W. Schapiro
Barbara J. and Steven Scharf
Roslyn and Michael Scharf
Ruth Scharf
Seymour Scharf
Elaine S. and Seymour Scharff
Gaby and Alex Scharlack
Carol and Marc Schatz
Robert Schatzman
Betty Z. Schear
Schechter Wealth Strategies
Dorothy Marcia Schechter and Steven A. Schechter
Dorothy M. Schechter
Jane S. and Dr. Joel S. Schechter
Paula J. and Edward Schechter
Perle and Hyman Schechter
Bluma and Robert Schechter
Sam Schechter
Marilyn and Samson Schechter
Sylvia and Carl Schechter
Reba and Isadore Schechtman
Evelyn Schecter
Jessica Schecter
Carol and Aaron Schectman
Roslyn and Fred Scheidt
Shirley R. Scheinbaum
Eveline Scheiner
Janet and Robert Scheiner
Marilyn S. and Barry H. Scheiner
Sara and Paul Scheiner
Beverly Scheinthal
Irene Zwerling Schenck
Arlene and Brad Schenerman
Abby H. and Marvin Schenk
Ita and Jim Schenkel
Scott Schenker
Sylvia Lee and Burton Schenker
Norma D. and Lawrence Schepps
Cindy and Stephen Scher
Ellie and Steve Scher
Joyce and Lowell Scher
Judith and Josef Scher
Rose Scher
Susan and Dr. Steven Scher
William R. Scherer
Victoria Schermer-Kleinkopf and Allan Kleinkopf
Suanne B. and David E. Scherr
Renee M. Schertzer
Florence Scherz
Michele Scherz
Fay and Bernard Scherzer
Naomi Scheuer
Steven Schiewe
Betty T. Schiff
Carol Schiff
Lynn Schiff
Gloria and Irving Schiffman
Judy F. and David M. Schiffman
Merilyn Schiffman
Jazefine and Stanley Schiffman
Diane and Howard Schilit
Denise and Sheldon Schiller
Sorella O. Schiller
Vivian and Michael B. Schindel
Violet Schissell
Joyce A. Schleier
Alice M. Schleifer
Jeanne H. and Harold Schleifer
Sylvia K. and Louis P. Schleimer
Margo and Samuel Schleman
Elaine Schlesinger
Esther Schlesinger
Elaine Schlissel
Frances Morrill Schlitt and Jacob Schlitt
Ruth and Irvin Schloff
Inez Schloss
Lloyd Schloss
Terry E. and Neil M. Schloss
Sarah and James D. Schloss
Cynthia and Allan Schlossberg
Howard Schlossberg
Ann F. and William M. Schlossenberg
Lois N. Hollander and Steven M. Schlosser
Gloria and Leonard Schlussel
Irving Schlussel
Rose Lynn and Mark E. Schlussel
Shirley Schlussel
Sylvia Schmaier
Lucy and James Schmeidler
Elaine Schmerling and Warren Butt
Veronica C. and Jonathan M. Schmerling
Audrey J. Schmerzler
Judson Schmid
Barry Schmidt
Dorothy S. Schmidt
Nancy Kahn Schmidt and Philip Schmidt
Susan Kay Schmidt
Beverly K. and Walter Schmier
Raquelle and Abram Schmier
Frances Schmutter
Larry Schnaid
Megan Schnaid
Diane J. and Jared Schnall
Mildred and Harold Schnee
Phyllis and Basil Schneeweis
Phyllis and Basil Schneeweis
Anne Schneider
Cathy L. and Joel Schneider
Daniel B. Schneider
Edythe and Henry Schneider
Florence J. and Leon Schneider
Gloria Schneider
Helen and Harry Schneider
Inge Schneider
Josephine Schneider
Lori Schneider
Marilyn and Robert L. Schneider
Maureen Schneider
Mildred Schneider
Randy Schneider
Roberta L. and Warren M. Schneider
Ronni Schneider
Ruth Schneider
Ethel and Seymour Schneider
Marjorie and Richard G. Schneidman
Rhoda Schneier
Dawn E. and Steven R. Schneir
Katrina Schneir
Judith Malter
David Schneyer
Regina G. Schnier
Bernice and Henry Schnirman
Bernice Schnitman
Beverly G. and Jonathan A. Schnitzer
Sheila and Howard S. Schnoll
Linda and Sidney Schnyder
Ruth Schocken
Jessica Schoeffler
Maita Schoen and John Santoro
Manfred Schoen
Ruth Schoen
Betty Schoenbaum
Ruth Ann and Leon Schoenbaum
Stuart J. Schoenberger, Esq.
Zecele Schoenbrun
Cynthia and Mark H. Schoenfeld
Jenny S. and Roger Schoenfeld
Joan and Scott Schoenfeld
Sheri and Jeffrey Schoenwald
Nancy and Joseph Schofer
Greta S. and David M. Schofield
Joyce Scholar
Hannah Scholl
Miriam and Brian Scholl
Sandra J. and Ivan Scholnick
Carol and Alan R. Schonberg
Doris and George Schonberg
Lisa M. and William E. Schonberg
Rachel and Lawrence B. Schonberger
Barbara and Tibor J. Schonfeld
Esther and Harold Schonhorn
Lynn Schorr
Mildred Schorr
Elise and David W. Schostak
Charles Schottenstein
Ellen M. and Leonard Schottenstein
Melva P. and Edwin Scottenstein
Cheryle and Irving Schotz
Ronnie L. and Stephen R. Schrader
Sally Schrag
Hubert Schrager
Adalie P. Schraiber
Edith G. and Charles Schram
Esther and Jesse Schraub
Lynn and Skip Schrayer
Alane L. and David Schreiber
John Schreiber
Stefanie and Chad M. Schreibman
Carol and Lawrence D. Schreibman
Marcia S. Schreier
Jamie and Marty Schrero
Richard H. Schriefer
Anita and Harry Schrier
Rose and Dr. Norman Schroeder
Phyllis Feldman-Schroeder and Stanley C. Schroeder
Monica and David E. Schteingart
Lillian Schual
Lynn Schubert
Carol Anne and Dr. Brian J. Schulman
Carol Schulman
Diane R. and Bernard H. Schulman
Hilda Schulman
Leslie E. and Joseph L. Schulman
Susan E. and Sanford A. Schulman
Toby Schulman
Beatrice Schultz
Harriet Schultz
Selma and Dr. Irwin Schultz
Karen and Dr. Robert M. Schultz
Linda Schultz
Paul Schultz
Sharon Schumack
Anne Simon Schuman and Bob Schuman
Charles Schuman
Irene and Marvin Schuman
Roberta F. Schuman
Ronnie and Marvin Schuman
Sylvia and Albert Schuman
Ruth Ann and Richard Schumeister
Arnold Schumsky
Bonnie Schupak
Ilene and Jerome Schur
Alice Schuster
Schwab Charitable Fund
Audrey B. and Samuel Schwab
Aviva and Joel Schwab
Dr. Irwin Schwade
Judith and Arthur Schwager
Esther and Martin Schwager
Estelle and Burt Schwalb
Ruby Schwalb
Susan Schwam
Adrienne L. Schwartz
Sandra and Alan S. Schwartz
Marianne and Alan E. Schwartz
Dr. Alvin S Schwartz
Amy Schwartz
Andy Schwartz
Anita B. Schwartz
Ann H. and Richard L. Schwartz
Arlene and Murray Schwartz
Barbara B. and Eugene Schwartz
Florence P. and Bernard Schwartz
Betty Schwartz
Bonni and Michael Schwartz
Brooke and Bruce Schwartz
Darlene C. and David M. Schwartz
Darlene R. and Stuart A. Schwartz
Debbie and Sam Schwartz
Debra and Martin Schwartz
Diane and Morris J. Schwartz
Doris and Alfred Schwartz
Doris Schwartz
Michele and Douglas Schwartz
Edith E. and George Schwartz
Edward Schwartz
Eleanor and Fred Schwartz
Florence and Maxwell Schwartz
Florette and William Schwartz
Frances and Frank Schwartz
Gilda and Joseph Schwartz
Gloria and Irwin Schwartz
Hilda Schwartz
Ilene and Dr. Michael L. Schwartz
Jane and Sidney A. Schwartz
Jeanne D. Schwartz
Jill and Ariel Schwartz
Joan and Irwin Schwartz
Joanie and Sol Schwartz
Joanne and Robert Schwartz
Joel A. Schwartz
Judith G. and Martin W. Schwartz
Julia A. Schwartz
Lee Schwartz
Lenore Schwartz
Margot and Marc Schwartz
Marian R. and Ralph Schwartz
Mark Schwartz
Marsha and Morton Schwartz
Mildred and Sherwood Schwartz
Myrna and Melvin Schwartz
Darlene P. and Nathan Schwartz
Neil Martin Schwartz
Niki and Lawrence Schwartz
Phyllis and Herb Schwartz
Nancy and Raphe Schwartz
Helene C. and Robert Schwartz
Rosalind and Craig B. Schwartz
Rosanne and Maurice Schwartz
Sam Schwartz Engineering LLC
Samuel Schwartz
Sandra Miller Schwartz
Selma and Harry Schwartz
Illeane and Sheldon Schwartz
Stephen M. Schwartz
Sharon and Steven Schwartz
Sue Schwartz
Terry B. and William T. Schwartz
Florence and Martin M. Schwartzberg
Nancy Schwartz-Eige
Sylvia and Howard Schwartzer
Felice Schwartzman
Herman Schwartzman
Rozlyn S. and Norman S. Schwartzman
Claire Schwartz-Menyuk
Sandra E. and James Schwarz
Joan Betty Schwarz
Lisa S. and Donald E. Schwarz
Maria Schwarz
Marcia and Michael Schwarz
Susi R. Schwarz
Denise D. Schwarzbach
Diane L. Schwarzbrott
Beverly Kaye and Irving Schwarzwald
Donna and David Schweid
Chanaa and Dr. Jack Schweitzer
Reva R. Schweitzer
Roslyn and Murray Schwitzman
Ray Schy
Helene J. and Robert S. Scolnick
Angela E. Scott
Annette Scott
Honey and Lowell Scott
Francine Scully-Lippitz
Jack Sear
Robin and Thomas L. Sebor
Farzi and Zabi Sedaghatfar
Miriam and Robert Seeherman
Charlotte and Barry Seeman
Dr. Linda K. and Irvin J. Seeman
Susan and David Sefansky
Marilyn and Elias Sefchovich
Edna and Abraham Sefekar
Patricia L. and Leroy A. Seftel
Alvan Segal
Judith Segal
Michelle Segal
Reva and Philip Segal
Jill and Rabbi Ron Segal
Vivian Segal
Esther L. and Larry M. Segall
Roberta and Dr. David Segel
Julie and Eric W. Segel
Sheila and J. Norman Segel
Ilan Segev
Natalie W. and Melvin N. Seglin
Barbara L. and Samuel M. Segner
Marilyn Y. and Lawrence E. Seidler
Phyllis Seidler
Alaine and Rick Seidman
Eileen J. and Franklyn E. Seidman
Rita Seidman
Pearl and Sheldon Seidman
Marilyn and Howard Seidmon
Arthur A. Seif
Steven J. Seif
Elaine and Saul Seiff
Rabbi Robert A. Seigel
Judith and Jeffrey Seitelman
Trina K. and Richard L. Selby
Rita and Martin M. Seldon
Elaine and Maurice Selekman
Lea and Bernd J. Selig
Deborah S. Seligman
Melissa Iris Seligman
Iris and Alvin Seligson
David E. Selin
Paula and Maurice Selkow
Ruth and Ignatz Selling
Karen and Berl H. Selski
Eileen and Rube Seltzer
Christina Ann and Marc M. Seltzer
Marlene S. and Warren Seltzer
Lynn Anne S. and Robert J. Seltzer
Sandra and Stephen Seltzer
Barbara J. and Roger Mark Selya
Irene Seman
Evelyn Semel
Lionel Semiatin
Margie and Mac Semler
Bernice and Abraham Sender
Rosalind B. Senie
Joyce Septimus
Harriet Serchuk
Eveline Sergold
Claire and Danny Serico
Nathan Serlin
Adrienne L. and Dr. Sidney Serowitz
Leona Sesholtz
Doreen and Mark Sevcik
Bess Sewelson
Helen Hakim Shabatian
Dorothy L. Shabsin
Lillian M. Shabus
Lois and Mark Shaevsky
Shulamith H. Shafer
Freida L. and Max Shaffer
Maor Shaffin
Joan and Abraham Shaffren
Esther and Sidney Shafner
Esther and Barry Shafran
Marla and Joseph M. Shafran
Bonnie J. and Fred M. Shafrin
Melany and Max Shaftal
Sachin Shailendra
Rochelle N. and Sydney A. Shain
Ryan Shaink
Gail Shaivitz
Carol and Matthew Shakter
Nancy and Steve Shall
Stephanie Shalofsky
Laura Shalom
Miss Shlomit Shamam
Mary Ann and Gary S. Shamis
Sara M. Shamoulia
Nicole Shampaine
Edythe Shamroth
Carol and James Shanbrom
Gail and Kenneth I. Shane
Joyce and Harry Shaner
Susan and Dr. Martin Shank
Myrna and Michael Shanker
Judith and Louis Shantzer
Margie M. and Lawrence M. Shapira
Brenda M. and Adam B. Shapiro
Amy Shapiro
Barbara A. Shapiro
Beatrice and Irving Shapiro
Vicki and Bernard S. Shapiro
Marilyn P. and Bernard M. Shapiro
Betty M. and Dr. William J. Shapiro
Diane and Allen Shapiro
Edith Shapiro
Ellen C. and Abraham Shapiro
Eunice F. and Dr. Jerry Shapiro
Frances C. and Dr. Bert D. Shapiro
Gail and Bruce Shapiro
Gloria Shapiro
Gwen and Robert Shapiro
Trudy and Harold Shapiro
Irma A. Shapiro
Goldie and Isidore Shapiro
Joan Shapiro
Joanne F. Shapiro
Jody and Perry Shapiro
Kathy B. and Brad Shapiro
Dr. Lester F. Shapiro
Linda M. and Sheldon Shapiro
Lois Shapiro
Lorraine and Jack J. Shapiro
Marjorie and Joseph Shapiro
Marjorie Shapiro
Natalie P. and Myer J. Shapiro
Nita and Norman A. Shapiro
Phyllis L. and Mark Shapiro
Rita A. Shapiro
Ronnie Lynn Shapiro
Ruth K. and Jack Shapiro
Sandra J. Shapiro
Sharon and Michael Shapiro
Shira Shapiro
Shirel and Jerry Shapiro
Vivian and Dr. Abe J. Shapiro
Yaira A. Shapiro
Eunice Shapiro-Singer and John Singer
Armony B. and Jack Share
Ellen L. and Stewart Share
Ruth and Nathan Share
Hilda N. and Eugene B. Sharf
Dr. Robert W. Sharkis
Shirley and Albert Sharon
Betty E. and Stanley L. Sharp
Rebecca and Stuart J. Sharpe
Sondra and Norman Shatsky
Jinous Y. and Elias Shavalain
Deborah Shaw Shindell and Allan L. Shindell
Adam Shaw
Annette and Jay Shaw
Beatrice Albrecht Shaw
Beverly and Bruce Shaw
Carole M. Shaw
Florence J. and Melvin Shaw
Sara Janet Shaw and John Robert Shaw
Sheila J. and Brian Shaw
Freda and Paul Shawn
Lillian Shaye
Chernie Shayman
Helen and Leon Shear
Susanne C. and Kenneth Shear
Janet Lynn and Norman Shechner
R. Maxine Shechtel
Benjamin Shechter
Beverly N. Shechtman
Nona and Neal Shechtman
Bruce A. Shecter
Joann Shecter
Sandra B. and Kenneth Shecter
Saul B. Shecter
Kathleen A. Sheedy and John Lekowits
Marlene and Dr. David Sheena
Adam Sheer
Carole E. Sheer
Claire H. and Melvin Shefftz
Kathleen and Jeffrey D. Shefts
Edith D. and Sidney Sheiman
Lois D. and David M. Sheketoff
Margot V. and Naum N. Shekhter
Sandra and Michael Shelist
Joan R. and Dr. Stephen D. Shell
Susan and Dr. Lawrence Shell
Deborah Mia Shelton
Wendy Gould Shenfeld and Steven Shenfeld
Joyce R. and Charles H. Shenk
Susan J. and William G. Shenton
Carolyn Sher
Eva T. and Gerald M. Sher
Sara R. and Michael D. Sher
Minerva E. and Albert Sherer
Ben Sheridan
Betty and Paul Sherizen
Eugene Sherizen
Marlene and Al Sherman
Barbara and Sheldon Sherman
Cynthia A. and Robert G. Sherman
Evelyn Sherman
Frances and Harold M. Sherman
Francine S. and Jonathan D. Sherman
Gladys G. Sherman
Laura Sherman
Lawrence A. Sherman
Lisa M. Sherman
Marjorie M. and Alfred Sherman
Marsha and Warren Sherman
Gloria and Martin Sherman
Nancy A. and Donald G. Sherman
Nancy Sherman
Pamela E. Sherman
Lorraine G. and Robert M. Sherman
Robin and Alan Sherman
Judt F. and Dr. Stanley W. Sherman
Elaine Shernicoff
Mark Shernicoff
Jesse Sherr
Rita and Jerome Sherr
Murray E. Sherry
Ruth L. Shevlin
Aliza and Howard Shevrin
Pnina and David Shichor
Floraine F. and Richard N. Shields
Josephine Shifman
Rookie C. and Jordan I. Shifrin
Joan Shifter
Beverly Shiller
Barbara S. and Lester S. Shindelman
Muriel Shindler
Gabriella R. Ship
Margit Shipek
Gail R. and Yashar H. Shirazi
Liron Shiri
Louise S. and Herbert L. Shivek
Kathy and Larry Shkolnik
Shimon Shkury
Ruth J. and Robert Shlachter
Alice and Aaron David Shlevin
Bernice and David R. Shlian
Wendy and Philip Shlossman
Mary and Kalman Shmirgold
Doris and Daniel Shneidman
Eleanor and Mark B. Shoag
Janet G. and Sheldon Jay Shoemaker
Roger Shoemaker
Carl Shoemarker
Jacqueline R. Shomer Chaise and Laurence S. Chaise
Farnaz Shooshani
Forough and Sion Shooshani
Barbara and Leon Shore
Betty D. Shore
Charlotte Shore
Genevieve and Sidney Shore
Harvey Shore
Margery A. Shorr
Flora D. and Sanford S. Shorr
Frances Short
Bertha and David A. Shostak
Florette R. Shrago
Elaine M. and Bernard Shriber
Gregory Shron
Rita and Jacob Shtull
Marlene Shub
Carol and Norman Shubert
Alan Shucard
Dara L. and Martin B. Shuhandler
Penny and Donald Shukan
Gladys F. Shukur
Lana and Irving Shuldman
Michael Shulimson
Anna and Isak Shulman
Lenore and Arnold M. Shulman
Ava Shulman
Brenda R. and Harry Shulman
Roberta F. and Lawrence A. Shulman
Lois N. and Ronald L. Shulman
Lorraine J. Shulman
Marilyn and Eugene Shulman
Matthew Shulman
Stan Shulman
Sybil and William Shulman
Luisa B. and Dr. Larry H. Shulruff
Elaine K. Shultz
Janice and George Shultz
Carol S. Shuman
Sue and Don Shuman
Susan M. and Stanley Shumas
Doreen and Curtis Shumsky
Abigail Shure
Robert Shuster
Melba and Irving Shusterman
Ryan Shuwarger
Alice Shwom and Philip Honigman
Rommy Shy
Bridget and Daniel Shycoff
Betty and Charles Sicher
Sabina and Joseph Sicklick
Lois J. Sider
Sandra and Frank Sider
Tobyanne and Arnold B. Sidman
Joan Seliger Sidney and Stuart Jay Sidney
Laura and Alvin A. Siegal
Alice M. and Arthur Siegal
Effie and Bernard Siegal
Jean D. and Benjamin Siegal
Anita and Michael D. Siegal
Sol Siegal
Ruth E. Siegel Alpert and Laurence D. Alpert
Toby and Allen K. Siegel
Sandra and Alvin Siegel
Andrea Siegel
Caryn and Andy N. Siegel
Anita and Robert Siegel
Anky V. Siegel
Beatrice and Sidney J. Siegel
Beverly Siegel
Caroline R. and Marvin Siegel
Ellen S. and Les Siegel
Barbara Belovin Siegel and Gerald Siegel
Grace H. and Irving Siegel
Helen W. Siegel
Irma G. Siegel
Dr. Jack Siegel
Jennifer and Brian Siegel
Marcey and Kenneth Siegel
Libby G. and Harris Siegel
Lila G. and Norman Siegel
Lillian Siegel
Lisa Siegel
Lorraine F. and Louis Siegel
Marjorie and Mel Siegel
Marlene C. Siegel
Monica J. Siegel
Norma and Stanley Siegel
Pauline and Ronald G. Siegel
Rachael and Edwin G. Siegel
Dixie Dugan-Siegel and Robert L. Siegel
Robert A. Siegel
Rosalyn S. and Richard A. Siegel
Sheila Siegel
Sherry Borow Siegel and Barry M. Siegel
Susan Siegel
Syvia and Al Siegel
Estelle L. Siegelaub
Ariel Siegelberg
Norma and Phillip Sierota
Eduardo Sigal
Vivian B. and Morton Sigel
Eve L. and Irving Sigman
Paula and Kalman Sigman
Marcus Sikors
Diana and Dr. Austin Silber
Ida and Morry Silber
Jerome Silber
Roberta T. and Michael L. Silber
Michelle R. and Bradley M. Silber
Stuart Silbergleit
Maurice Silberstein
Sheryl Silberstein
Eileen and Robert L. Sill
Rhonda Siller
Susie Sills-Levey
Carol and Alfred M. Sils
Laurel and Robert Silton
Susan Silver Johnson and Edwin Johnson
Adele Silver
Dr. Arthur W. Silver
Barbara W. and Lee Silver
Edna L. and David L. Silver
Delores E. and Norman Silver
Evelyn Silver
Gertrude C. and Sol Silver
Dr. Herbert Silver
Ida Silver
Linda Sylvia Silver and Julius Silver
Lois Silver
Ruth and Harry Silver
Sandra and Terry Silver
Shirley and Howard Silver
Shirley Silver
Sibyl Joan Silver and Robert L. Silver
Susan Silver
Denise and Robert M. Silverberg
Denise E. Silverberg
Natalie and Ted Silverberg
Hilda and Salvin Silverblatt
Cindy and Alan Silverglat
Adele and Barry Silverman
Artice E. and Morton D. Silverman
Audrey Silverman
Barbara and Jerry Silverman
Beverly and Robert Silverman
Dan Silverman
Dolores and Herman Silverman
Doris and Gerald Silverman
Florence Silverman
Guthbjorg and Lionel Silverman
Dr. Helene Silverman
Jerry B. Silverman
Judith and Allan E. Silverman
Lawrence Silverman
Carole and Leonard Silverman
Lila and Gilbert Silverman
Marjorie L. Silverman
Mark Silverman
Marlene F. and Arthur A. Silverman
Melissa and Howard E. Silverman
Marilyn and Morton Silverman
Rita and Murray Silverman
Rita Silverman
Rosalind G. Silverman
Ruth Baker Silverman and Dr. Sidney S. Silverman
Valerie and Dr. Steven Silverman
Meryl Silvers
Roberta Silvers
A. Lynda and Edwin Silverstein
Barbara and Arnold Silverstein
Cheryl A. and Peter A. Silverstein
Diane B. and Norman B. Silverstein
Renee and Gerald Silverstein
Joyce L. Silverstein
Carol B. and Leo Silverstein
Rita R. and Abraham Silverstein
Sylvia P. and Jules Silverstein
Beth Silverwater and Norman A. Greenberg
Cora and Sergiu Silvian
Judith Simansky
Hamid Simantob
Joseph Simantob
Abraham Simcovitz
Marsha and Edward Simkin
Lorraine Simkowitz
Dr. Edwin Simm
Fran H. Simmons
Diane B. and Richard Simms
Alice Zendel Simon and Richard H. Simon
Brenda Simon
Carol and Jeffrey S. Simon
Carol Simon
Clarice and Morris Simon
Deanna Simon
Esther and Donald Simon
Eileen and Kenneth Simon
Irene R. and Eric J. Simon
Estelle and Leonard A. Simon
Eve R. and Ernest Simon
Helene Simon
Carol and Jonathan Simon
Kenneth M. Simon
Dr. Loron M. Simon
Mae Simon
Sara R. and Matthew H. Simon
Charlotte and Robert Simon
Rochelle and Laurence Simon
Rona F. and Henry J. Simon
Shirley Simon
Sophie Simon
Stuart A. Simon
Sue Ellen Simon
Yale G. Simon
Barbara and Robert Simons
Nancy Simons
Ruth J. Simons
Joan and Sheldon Simons
Arlene and Daniel Simonson
Beatrice Simpson
Lottie and Burton Sims
Joyce and Douglas Simson
Toby R. and Gerald J. Sindler
Joel L. Siner
Annette Z. Singer
Barbara Singer and James Liddle
Beatrice and Norman Singer
Ben Singer
Edith and Morris Singer
Ernestine Singer
Florence and Philip Singer
Geraldine E. Singer
Harry Singer
Helene and Morton Singer
Janet Singer
Lois Singer
Lois and Milford Singer
Revina Singer
Rita Singer
Rita and Jerry Singer
Robert Singer
Ronnie and Dr. Jack Singer
Ruth Singer
Shirley A. Singer
Vera and Dr. Mark Singer
Joyce Singer-Glantz
Kimberly and Paul Singerman
Theresa and Sidney Sinick
Teri H. and Steven B. Sinkoff
Joan H. Sinsheimer
Thelma Sinsky
Herta Sinykin
Wendy Sirois
Jonathan E. Sirota
Rachel and Zalman Sirota
Natalie W. Sirott
Leah and Philip Siskin
Michael S. Sisskind
Ruth A. and Marvin Siver
Bernice W. and Morton J. Skirboll
Harriet and Dr. Manuel Sklar
Lydia Sklar
Renee K. and Sidney Sklar
Tillie and Jean Sklar
Yadelle Sklare
Jodi Beth and Andrew Sklawer
Rabbi Joshua Skoff
Arlene and Dr. Judah Skolnick
Lori Ann Skolnick
Carole Skolnik
Geraldine Skolnik
Jinny Skolnik
Rita P. Skolnik
Sheila and Lewis M. Skolnik
Sydney Raymond Skully
Sheila and Howard N. Slade
Ellen Bernstein Slan and Dennis Slan
Beverly G. and Ronald B. Slaten
Charlotte and Martin Slater
Harriet L. and David P. Slater
Ruth Slater
Marie and Seymour Slaven
Lori and Larry Slavin
Shirley Slavin
Beverly and Stanley Slavin
Jacqueline and Dr. Lawrence Slayen
Ella E. and Daniel Sloan
Joan and Neil Sloan
Pauline Sloan
Sheila and Richard Sloan
Stuart Sloane
Ruthe and Harry Slone
David K. Slosberg
Stacey L. and Daniel S. Slotchiver
Phyllis and Mortimer Slotnick
Beverly T. and Elliot Slott
Sharlene and Leonard Slutsky
Thelma and Neal Slutsky
Rachel Slutzky
Judy and Arnold H. Slyper
Tina B. and Albert H. Small
Sheila Small
Steven Small
Babette and Arnold Smith
Barbara J. and Eli Smith
Carolyn Ann and Lawrence Smith
Leslie and David Smith
Harriet and David S. Smith
Dorice N. and Raymond Smith
Ethel Smith
Gail and Arnold Smith
George F. Smith, III
Janice and Jeffrey W. Smith
Judy R. and Gerald B. Smith
Judy L. and Michael Smith
Andrea and Kenneth Smith
Dr. Leta D. Smith
Margaret and Harold Smith
Elaine and Mark E. Smith
Mary E. and Harold A. Smith
Miriam and Benjamin Smith
Rachel and Fred Smith
Sara Jane and Robert A. Smith
Ruth Smith
Ruth and Neal Smith
Ruthie Smith
Sandra and Alan Smith
Dorothy G. and Selden K. Smith
Selma Smith
Sheri Smith
Shirley Smith
Shirley A. and Reiben Smith
Margaret Shaw Smith and Stanley F. Smith
Jeanette B. and Conrad Smolarski
Beverly and Ben Smolensky
Ann and Martin Smolin
Lillian and Ralph H. Smuckler
Lisa Novack Sneiderman and Steven H. Sneiderman
Marlene F. and Kevin G. Snell
Edis and Aaron Snyder
Edward Snyder
Pam and Gary Snyder
Herman Snyder
Arlene M. Sobel and Herbert Brest
Barry Sobel
Betty J. Sobelman
Dorothy and Bernard Sobelsohn
Irene Soboeiro
Judy Sockolov
Elaine and Dr. Harvey B. Socol
Bonnie Sodikoff
Harriet and Albert Soffa
Elaine Soffer
Libbie and Alan Soffer
Linda and Alan Sohn
Yetta and Gerald Sohne
Julie C. and Robert R. Sokal
Oscar & Mona Sokol Foundation
Darlene Sokol
Caren J. and Erwin H. Sokol
Allison L. and Jerry J. Sokol
Jodi Sokol
Saundra and Arthur Sokol
Carol L. and Uriel S. Sokolov
Janine Sokolov
Khalil Solaimanzadeh
Maralyn G. and James J. Solarz
Jamileh Soleymani
Dr. Sion Soleymani
Carole Soling
Dorothy and Jordan Solkowitz
Lauren M. and Jonathan E. Soll
May Soll
Rique and James Sollisch
Rita E. and Ralph Sollod
Gloria Soloff
Rita and A. Melvin Solomon
Adeline T. Solomon
Alberta and Herman Solomon
Arlene and Jerome Solomon
Carol S. and Jerry I. Solomon
Connie and Edward Solomon
Elizabeth and Morris Solomon
Evelyn and Robert Solomon
Felice and Marty Solomon
Gertrude S. Solomon
Janet R. and Robert Solomon
Joan and David Solomon
Dr. Jonathan Solomon
Lois Solomon
Lottie and Herbert Solomon
Louise and Dr. O. David Solomon
Judith M. and Melvin Solomon
Michele M. Solomon
Mildred L. and Arnold R. Solomon
Randy Solomon
Ruth U. Solomon
Ruth L. Solomon
Faith L. Solomon-Kune
Dr. Ruth Solomons
Irene Solondz
Donna and Ronald Solove
Cynthia Solovy
Sondra and Martin B. Soloway
Phyllis and Donald Soltz
Jeanette Solway
Marilyn Somach-Hall and Jerry Hall
Ethel and Dave Sommer
Henry Sommer
Sallie and Leo Sommer
Shirley and Jay Sommer
Lois Sommers
Susan and Randall Sommovilla
Barbara L. and Stephen A. Somogyi
Debbie and Stanley H. Sonenshine
Joseph Sonnenberg
Florita and Arthur Sonnenklar
Martin Sonsky
Rhonda P. and Fereydoon F. Soofer
Jacqueline and Jamshid Soomekh
Manijeh Soomekh
Nita and Milton Soref
Claire L. and Bernard R. Sorkin
Phyllis F. Sorof
Deborah B. Sosebee
Joyce and Dr. Allen Sosin
Natalie Sosinsky
Katherine M. and Ronald M. Soskin
Florence Sosnow
Marian H. and Thomas L. Soss
Selma E. Soss
Sandra W. and R. Stephen Soule
Diane Sovel
Susan Kahn Sovel
Mark Sowers
Ed Sox
Theresa Spagnuolo
Cindy Spahn
Mary Spalding
Kathy Sparrow
Sonia Spear
Barbara P. Spector
Judith Spector
Marjorie Spector
Marvin Spector
Morton Spector
Paula and Laurence Spector
Rowanne B. and Sheldon J. Spector
Susan and Sidney Speiser
Linda L. and Dr. Eric H. Spellman
Shirley W. Sperling
Alicia B. and Jeffrey Spero
Shirley and Louis Spero
Esther G. Spiegel
Frances and Stanley Spiegel
Frank D. Spiegel
Leslie J. Spiegel
Morgan Spiegel
Shani B. and Scott J. Spiegle
Stephen E. Spielberg
Susan and William Spielberg
Gretta Spier and Jonathan M. Rubin
Barbara Spierer
Marcia Spies
Adrienne Joy and Lawrence Spigel
Dorothy Spigel
Leona Spilka
Lauren and Steven Spilman
Linda S. and Ronald F. Spindel
Bette L. and Hyron Spinrad
Miriam and David Spitalnick
Nancy Spitalnick
Paula Spiteri
Marcy Spitz
Mimi and Robert Spitz
Margaret Spitz-Berman and Louis Berman
Deborah and Bruce Spitzer
Florence Spotkov and Samuel Krinsky
Gerald N. Springer
Rita Springer
Elaine B. Spritzer
Carolyn and Mickey Sprung
Rachel and Dr. Larry Sprung
Pauline Spulber
Anne R. and Seymour Spunt
Marilyn and Dr. Herbert Srebnik
Hal Stadtmore
Jon Stage
Margaret and Richard Stager
Lynn and Samuel Stahl
Debra Stahler-Jiler and Russell Jiler
Julie Stahlman
Pauline and Paul Staman
Marilyn Stamberg
Ruth and David Stanger
Dr. James B. Stanton
Judy and John Stanton
Andrea Stark
Dr. Donna Stark
Evelyn and Melvin Stark
Harriet Stark
Paulina and Herbert Stark
Roger Stark
Sheila and Gilbert Stark
Susan and Steven Stark
Janie Starkman
Sandy Starkman and Larry Pachter
Evelyn Starman
Irene Starr
Joyce and Eugene Starr
Carol Statfeld-Shelby
Richard Statfield
Barbara J. and Jay L. Statland
Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff & Sitterson, P.A.
Jane K. and George C. Steeh
Lynda J. and Gler R. Steele
Ruth Steele
Joanne and Tom Stefanick
Glady and Sidney Stefel
Thelma and Arthur J. Steiger
Dolores and Arthur G. Stein
Barbara L. and Marc M. Stein
Barbara Stein
Bernice and Howard Stein
Diana J. and Kenneth Stein
Diana Stein
Elaine and Myron Stein
Ellyn Stein
Dr. Israel Stein
Janice D. and Martin R. Stein
Bonnie and Jeff Stein
Karen S. and Albert A. Stein
Leonard Stein
Linda and Dr. Stephen Stein
Lois P. Stein
Lorraine Stein
Louise and Rolf Stein
Lucille D. and Richard J. Stein
Marilyn and Eugene Stein
Marilyn Stein
Marion and Bert Stein
Natalie and Marvin L. Stein
Marya Stein
Myrna and Harold Stein
Norman and Jean Stein
Geraldine G. and Paul T. Stein
Robert A. Stein
Rose Stein
Ruth and Harold M. Stein
Seena and Sanford A. Stein
Eunice and Sidney Stein
Stephanie R. Stein
Carol and David Steinbach
Charlotte B. and Harold C. Steinberg
Faye and Leon Steinberg
Janet A. and Donald Steinberg
Jill Steinberg
Joanna Steinberg
Lynda and Bob Steinberg
Meyer Steinberg
Ellen S. and Dr. Robert M. Steinberg
Robin and Leslie M. Steinberg
Thelma Steinberger
Herbert Steiner
Marcia and Leon Steiner
Renee and Joseph Steiner
Anita and Dan Steinfeld
Barbara Steinfeld
Elaine Z. and Thomas Steinfeld
Shirley Steinfeld
Deborah Steingold
Iris Steinhardt
Pearl and Carl Steinhart
Carole Steinhart
Edward Steinhouse
Dr. Clifford N. Steinig
Sophie Steinlauf
Adela Steinman
Irene and Jerry Steinman
Roslyn Steinman
M. A. Steinschneider
Debra S. and Robert A. Stekloff
Jeanne M. and Steven D. Stellman
Melinda and Ed Stendel
David Sterenson
Rhoda R. and Eugene J. Sterling
Eleanor Sterman
Elinore Sterman
Alberta E. Stern
Eve C. and Andrew M. Stern
Bernice Stern
Charles Stern
Doreen E. and Marvin R. Stern
Euna and E. Donald Stern
Frances and George L. Stern
Harriet R. Stern
Jonathan Stern
Kimberly Stern
Lila and Jules G. Stern
Lucille Levine Stern
Tamar and Dr. Mark Stern
Grace Polk Stern and Dr. Melvin J. Stern
Joan C. and Dr. Michael S. Stern
Nina and Julius Stern
Norma Stern
Renee Stern
Rhoda and Bernard Stern
Robin and Daniel B. Stern
Ruth S. and Frank Stern
Ruth Stern
Samson B. Stern
Sherrie and Norton Stern
Sylvia Stern
Gloria and Howard L. Sternberg
Judilee and Harold E. Sterne
Lainie J. Sternin
Manny Sternlicht
Dr. Richard O. Sternlieb
Marjorie N. Sternman
Linda D. and Joseph Sterns
Audrey F. and Richard Steuer
Dorothy Stevens
Ilene and Fred Stevens
Judith M. Stevens
Sue Felt Stevens
Joyce and Philip A. Stewart
Shelley Stewart
Sonia Graham Stewart
Dorothy B. Steyer
Faye Stich
Cheryl Kempinsky Stich and Michael Stich
Jane P. Stiefel
Nancy and Elliot Stiefel
Jeffrey Stiffman
Anita and Howard Stillman
Dianne Stillman
Frances Stillman
Loraine H. and Lawrence A. Stillman
Muriel S. Stillman
Danae Stoane
Maxwell Stock
Pamela C. Stockfish
Jere Stocks and Joyce Portela
Carole Stoll
Ellen and James R. Stoll
Jean and Alfred Stoloff
Alan Stolpen
Shirley R. Stolz
Marilyn and Mark Stolzberg
Gale P. and Martin Stolzenberg
Arlene R. and David P. Stone
Corinne R. Stone
Cynthia Stone
Donna and Jerry Stone
Muriel M. Stone
Paula and Elliot Stone
Regina Stone
Renee S. and Edward Stone
Richard Stone and Marjorie Bender
Suzy and Rick Stone
Rose Stone
Deborah and Kelly Stonebraker
Helen G. Stopek
Leslie J. and David P. Storch
Lynn and Marc Storch
Shirley Storch
Mari Shabani-Storm and Allen H. Storm
Diane E. Stotland
Gail J. Strack
Loretta and Edward Strager
Violet and Brian Strahl
Pauline F. and Leonard H. Strakowsky
Bernice and Bernard Strassner
Arlene Straus
Carol A. Straus
Dr. Barbara L. Straus-Grubb and Blair P. Grubb
Francine Strauss
Gabriele and Herbert S. Strauss
Jeanine and Bert Strauss
Marilyn Strauss
Selma B. Streicher
Ellen Streisand
Renee and John Strelitz
Mindy and Michael Strich
Rachelle and C.B. Strimpell
Edith and Martin Strom
Susan and Douglas Strom
Karee A. and Michael J. Strome
Charlotte and Jack A. Stromfeld
Stacey and Alan D. Strumeyer
Anne and Howard Stuckler
Jacqueline A. and Richard S. Stulman
Geraldine S. and Frank M. Stupp
Janet L. and Mark B. Sturgeon
Evan C. Sturm
Judy and Stephen Sturm
Melvin S. Sturm
Roberta W. and David J. Sturm
Audrie and Lawrence S. Sturman
Janet M. and Paul A. Sturman
Bernice W. and Ronald M. Sturtz
Jusith H. and Jerome P. Subar
Leslie and Jay Suchman
Deborah B. and Paul A. Sudenfield
Sandra and Barry Sudikoff
Dr. Abraham Sudilovsky
Eulalia Sudilovsky
Nanette B. and Michael Suffian
Nanette B. and Michael A. Suffian
Laura Lynn Suffin
Wendy and Joseph Sugarman
Jack Sukoneck
Janet and Kenneth J. Sulek
Selma Sulken
Ethel Sulkis
Judith Sullivan
Hannah S. and Philip Sultan
Carolyn S. and Stephen D. Sundell
Janet Sunshine
Sylvia Supovitz
Kathryn F. and Philip F. Suse
Michele Sushin
Charlotte and Bernard Suskind
Carol A. and Ira L. Sussman
Tanya H. and Clifford Sussman
Frances and Sheldon Sussman
Harriet and Seymour Sussman
Marc Sussman and Lynne Avadenka
Muriel and Jerome S. Sussman
Steven J. Sutker
Carol and Sanford Svetcov
Diane C. Swanson
Celia Swartz
Ilene Swartz
Annette and Perry Swartz
Elise Swatez
Marilyn and Sherman B. Sweet
Molly and Irwin B. Sweet
Shirley Swerdloff
Dawn Swift
Judith Swimmer
Marilyn Winsberg Swimmer
Molly and Robert Swirsky
Rhya and Maurice Swiryn
Shirley Swislow
Sandra and Kenneth Syken
Cynthia M. and Donald K. Sykes
Melvin J. Sykes
Patricia R. and Colonel Paul J. Sykes
Tibor Szabo
Edita Szekely
Barbara H. and Theodore M. Tabachnick
Helen and Daniel Tabachnick
Herbert Tabachnick
Muriel Tabas Ecker
Farida Tabibian
Dr. Iraj Tabibzadeh
Madeline Tabin
Randi Tabor
Linda S. and Norman Tafet
Jack Taffel
Samuel Taffel
Elaine Taibi
Thelma S. and Lewis J. Taich
Ettie and Dr. Lorne Taichman
J. Taifer
Valerie W. Takemori
Mildred Taksler
Beth and John J. Talabisco
Joyce B. Talal
Judy G. and Richard Talman
Yehuda Tamari
Judy and Arnold Tamaroff
Marvin Tamaroff
Joy G. and Bernard Tamkin
Eleanor and Richard Tandowsky
Phyllis and Louis Tanenbaum
Melissa Tang
Gertrude and Herbert Tannenbaum
Joan and Howard Tannenbaum
Lisa and Steven M. Tannenbaum
Jill A. Tanney
Betty and Michael Tapick
Tapper's Diamonds & Fine Jewelry
Chana and Morris Taradalsky
Joan and Alex Taragen
Melba R. and Nathan Tarakan
Doreen and Edward Taras
Nancy L. Tarbis
Carol G. and Eugene Taren
Henry Tarfman
Marianne C. and Mark N. Tarica
Gloria Koenig Tarr and Hyman Tarr
Rita and Bernard Tarshis
Arleen and Herbert Tarutz
Mary K. Tatelbaum
Myra Tattenbaum
Beverly Tatz
Catherine H. and Peter Taub
Dorothy and Alfred Taub
Phyllis and Arthur S. Taub
Marion and Myron Taube
Beatrice and Nathan Taubenfeld
Sylvia and Isaac Taubenfeld
Shelley and Joel D. Tauber
Shelby M. Tauber
Barbara P. and Charles N. Taubman
Minna Taubner
Ferne J. Tauman
Shirley Taussig
Adelle and Edward V. Tavill
Fred Tavill
Patty and Mark Tavill
Eleanor Tax
Barbara I. and Dr. Michael S. Taxier
Claire and Alan Taylor
Fiona Taylor
Eunice Teague
Ann E. Teal
Clarice Teck
Eileen Teich
Ashley Teitel
Ruth and David Teitel
Ellen and David Teitelbaum
Shirley Teitelbaum
Charlotte R. and Herman Teitler
Hannah and Sol Teitzman
Joan M. Teller
Dr. Judith S. Tellerman
Ruth F. and Alvin J. Temin
Rayla G. Temin
Simone and Leo Tencer
Norma and Avrum Tennenbaum
Ellen and Charles H. Tenner
Jennifer G. and Steven P. Teper
Norman Tepley
Cynthia and Harvey Teplitsky
Jane E. and C. Barry Teplitzky
Laura and Donald Tepper
Benita Terry
Marcia and Bernard Teschner
Beverly Tesler
Candace and Burt S. Tesler
Ruth and Irwin Tessel
Frances and Richard Tesser
Rosemarie and Oscar Tevelow
Eileen J. Thacker
Ileane and Bruce E. Thal
Debra and Len Thal
Shirley and Irwin Thaler
Debbie Thame
Magdanene and Marcel Thirman
Robert Thomas
Sunny and Leonard Thomas
Sylvia W. and Jerome Thomases
Laura R. Thomases
Steven Thomashow
Dorothy and Edward R. Thompson
Mary Kate and Michael F. Thompson
Vivian and Robert D. Thompson
Sheryl R. Levin-Thompson and Scott Thompson
Prudence M. and Michael O. Thorner
Rebecca and Jeffrey Threat
Diane and Gerald Thurer
Dr. Marilyn Thypin
Janice Tichauer
Joanne and Milton Tick
Cecile and Jerome Tiger
Thelma and Alvin Tilchen
Rena S. and Herbert B. Tillem
Marion G. and Eric Tillen
Edward Carl Timpone
Barbara Tinkler
Mary and Chaim Tintenfass
Adam Tischer
Hazel and Sanford Tishcoff
Fahn Tishkoff
Harriet Tishkoff
Lisa and Edward Titen
Helen S. and Mitchel Title
Cynthia and Ronald Titlebaum
Sheila Toabe Davis
Dorothy Tobacman
Sheryl L. and Eric M. Tobias
Lora and Sigmund Tobias
Ted M. Tobias
Diana and Morton Tobin
Goldie A. and Stanley Tobin
Linda L. and William A. Tocci
Joan S. and Richard Toder
Linette B. and Sol W. Toder
Rose and Jacob L. Todres
Ziporah Tokayer
Ellen J. and Franklin K. Toker
Ida P. Tolchin
Sara Tolchin
Ilene and Harold N. Tolchinsky
Trisia Tomanelli
Christine S. and H. Stewart Tonkinson
Merle L. and Michael D. Toobin
Helen and Howard Topcik
Veronica Topete
Alan Toporek and Catherine Stuhr
Ijo and Dr. Stanley D. Toporek
Carol and Rochard Toppel
Sheila F. and Martin Torch
Rita J. and Jeffrey Torf
Malka and Gary H. Torgow
Judith Shadden Torrance
Laurel M. and Jerry Torrelli
Rosalynne B. and Jack D. Torres
Roman Totenberg
Gisele Touitou
Maxine B. Toyzer
Karen Trachtenberg
Mitzi Traeger
Robin and Hank Tragash
Betty and Leonard Traines
Margo J. and Mark Traines
Dana Trau
Carol and David E. Traub
Gilbert Traub
Annie Trauring
Claire and John Trauth
Marcia Travis
Mildred and Maurice J. Trebach
Marcia and Perry Trechak
Barbara and Emil Trellis
Jack Trenk
Stephen Trent
June K. and William R. Treuhaft
Rachael Trieu
Joanne Trimpe
Mary and Albert Tripi
Harriet Q. Tritell
Marla and Carmine V. Trombetta
Enid Trotiner
Sara R. and Aaron Trub
Lauren Trubow
Gail S. and Mark R. Truger
Barbara and Hal Truitt
Sheila Trust-Brill and Herbert L. Brill
Pearl Z. Tubiash
Dr. Benjamin E. Tuch and Shelley A. Bayer
Tuchman, Korngold, Weiss, Lippman & Gelles, LLP
Diane Tuchmayer
Audrey and Helen Tucker
Cecilia Cobin Tucker and Nathaniel Tucker
Ethel and Karl Tucker
Drs. Howard and Sara Tucker
Marcia R. Tucker
Marcy Tucker-Colman
Sandra R. and Joel E. Tumarkin
Rita Tunkelrott
Hilda Turchin
Ellen and Dennis Turf
Cheryl B. and Jack Turgel
Harry Turk
Saundra and Jack J. Turk
Deborah C. and Robert M. Turkewitz
Norman Turkish
Arlene C. and Michael S. Turner
Peter Turner and Lauren Rock
Joyce Turner-Hilkevitch
Debra and Charles Turoff
Arlene J. and Barry Tutt
Edith and Albert Twersky
Gerti and Melvin Tyler
Deborah and Richard Tyner
Cynthia Tyson
Debbie Tyson
Tzedakah Inc.
Susan Udasin
Helene and Edgar Udine
Carol R. and Michael Udman
Elise Udolf-Leopold
Marcia and Howard Ufberg
Bridgette Ulin
Sylvia Ull
Ilse and Gunther Ullman
Sharon L. Ullman
Ruth and Edward Umanoff
Susan and Jason Umans
Dorothy A. and Allen D. Umansky
Ellen M. Umansky
Norma Umansky
Sarah L. and Charles Umlas
Joan C. and Israel S. Ungar
Felice Unger
Hannah Unger
Helen R. and Meyer R. Unger
Sue Ann and Michael Unger
Robin Ungerleider
United Jewish Federation of Tidewater, Inc.
Mona and George C. Unser
Rochelle and Nathan Upfal
Joan D. Uram
Kelly Urban
Dorothy Urman
Marilyn E. and Donald William Urquidi
Charles Usborne
Susan T. and William A. Usdan
Marilyn and Howard Usen
Diane I. and Jerome Uslaner
Sylvia G. and Herbert L. Usow


This list is effective as of  December 31, 2010, and includes early renewal.

If you are not listed and believe that you qualify as an ORT Visionary, please contact ORT America’s Special Events Department at  If you aren't an ORT Visionary and would like to become one, you can do so by donating here.

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