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Rosner English and Science Summer School

World ORT Rosner English and Science Summer School Expands

Founded in 2001 to improve English language skills among Israeli youth so that they could pursue scientific and technical careers, the World ORT Rosner English and Science Summer has grown in both size and scope to become one of Britain’s finest English Summer schools.

Each year, World ORT brings a group of teenage students chosen by their schools from across the ORT network to London for a 10-day English Language and Science summer school. This year's 31 teenagers included not only Israelis but students from nine other countries as far away as Argentina.

This unique undertaking provides them with an otherwise unimaginable learning experience.  The intensive English-language tutoring is supplemented with both cultural and science-related curriculum. Based heavily in English, the students have no choice but to practice what they learn.

When these students return to their schools and communities, they are expected to mentor and tutor others and share the experiences and skills they have gained.

“In coming to London, it doesn’t matter if we're Jewish, Israeli, or Italian – we're human beings. We're here to learn English and make friends," explains, Azerbaijan-born Arzu Ibragimo.

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