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Students in ORT MexicoNew initiatives in Mexico mean these young students can look forward to an ORT education well into their 20's.

An ORT Education for Mexico’s 40,000-Strong Jewish Community

ORT Mexico is preparing to extend its activities into university-level business education with the opening of the University Center in Advanced Management and Business Development at the CIM ORT school in Mexico City, September 2012.

Entering its second academic year affiliation with World ORT, the CIM-ORT school has recently enrolled 200 new students – an astonishing surge for a school which now serves 650 children.  ORT Mexico expects the Advanced Management and Business Development Center to increase enrollment to even greater heights.

Drawing on the expertise of ORT colleagues internationally – particularly from ORT Uruguay University (consistently ranked among the 10 best universities in Latin America), ORT Argentina, and Bramson ORT College in New York – the new ORT University Center will provide BA degrees in Business Creation and Development, International Trade and Globalization, and Marketing 2.0 and Advertising, and an MA in Advanced Business Management. 

“We are working with the business world to give our students practical, real hands-on experience. This will be a university for entrepreneurs,” said Mauricio Merikanskas, the Chair of World ORT’s Board of Trustees and initiator of the project.

Scholarships will be available for needy Jewish students but the integration of classroom teaching with on-line courses means that the Center will be widely affordable.

“The ORT University Center will be unique in Mexico,” added Mr. Merikanskas. “Not only will it have the highest academic standards, with a first-class faculty, but it will also offer students flexibility with cutting-edge pedagogical models and prospects for international exchanges.”

This foray into new academic disciplines is part of program of educational and administrative reforms started a year ago.  Nearly a third of the teachers have been replaced, and the school’s kindergarten, primary, and middle- and high-school components have been reorganized into a coherent, unified whole.

”The school's affiliation with ORT has provided the impetus for change and given teachers access to training seminars and the technological tools which make the educational developments possible,” stated Alan E. Klugman, Executive Director of ORT America.

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