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ORT Renzo Levi students

ORT Renzo Levi students

Rome’s ORT Alumni Rollout Support for ORT

More than 300 former students of ORT Renzo Levi High School in Rome, the city’s only Jewish school, gathered for the first time to share six decades of past successes and set the stage for 60 more years of accomplishment.

The occasion was the initial step in developing alumni interest in the alma mater, and fuel further growth by raising money for Smart Classes at the school.

In a key highlight to the evening there was a tribute to long-time supporter, lay leader and current World ORT and ORT America board member, Grace Mendelson.

“In recent years, Grace’s visionary investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars in ORT Renzo Levi has been instrumental in increasing the school’s enrolment by 65 percent overall (nearly 300 percent in the high school alone) by improving facilities and raising educational standards,” said ORT America’s National Executive Director, Alan E. Klugman.

Among the new facilities are laboratories which have enhanced the level of science and technology education. Additional amenities include a removable roof over the school courtyard, used frequently for sports, recreation and large gatherings such as the alumni reunion.

ORT has had a significant presence in Italy since World War II. Post-war, ORT trained Holocaust survivors in the Displaced Persons camps. From 1950, the country’s actions focused on training people in Italy’s resident Jewish communities - Milan, Rome, and elsewhere.

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