As one of the largest non-governmental education and training organizations in the world, we are the Jewish organization meeting the world’s educational needs by enabling over 300,000 students annually to attain successful careers, become community leaders and live independently.

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Lives impacted

+3 million

ORT’s efforts enable students around the world to be successful and live independently

For more than

135 Years

ORT has provided education for millions to meet the competitive needs of their societies.

We Work in over

37 Countries

With programs in nearly every corner of the world, we are a global organization serving all.

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4-Star Rating From Charity Navigator!

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For disadvantaged students, educational opportunities for a better life are not always readily accessible. ORT America changes that – and supporters understand the transformative, positive effects of education and how ORT benefits individuals worldwide. With your help we can improve the lives of hundreds of thousands across the globe, and make the world a better place.

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We Mourn the Passing of Robert L. “Bob” Sill
18 June 2018

With deep sadness we inform you of the passing of Robert L. “Bob” Sill, a founding member of the Cleveland Chapter of American ORT, who went on to serve as National President of American ORT and Chairman of the Board of the World ORT governing body. Mr. Sill died Sunday, June 17, after a long …

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An ORT Teacher is Crowned Teacher of the Year in Moscow
18 June 2018

An ORT informatics and technology teacher has just won the Teacher of the Year Moscow 2018 competition.  Ignat Andreyevich, who teaches ninth grade at Moscow ORT Technology School, received this distinction based on the results of the third stage of the city-wide contest, surpassing an initial 11,000 contenders, of whom 29 advanced after the first …

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At the de Gunzburg School, Art Adds a Valuable Dimension
12 June 2018

In ORT day schools in Russia, the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) focus is only one aspect of the curriculum. To ensure young people get a multi-dimensional education and exposure to a variety of disciplines, ORT schools also provide quality instruction in Jewish studies and other subjects, including art. Vyacheslav Zhytomyrskiy is the art …

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An ORT South Africa Initiative Expands Training in Information Technology
12 June 2018

After becoming accredited by Cisco to run its IT Essentials course, ORT South Africa established the IT Bridging program to bring 21st century computer knowledge to young people. Consisting of the Cisco course, instruction in Microsoft Office and coding, the program is a comprehensive overview of basic technology required for an entry-level IT position.  Eighteen …

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How You Can Help

How You Can Help

Support ORT. We Educate for Life.

Education is key to advancement; but for disadvantaged students worldwide, educational opportunities and hope for a better life do not present themselves so readily. ORT America changes that.  Our supporters understand the role education plays in transforming one’s life, and how ORT programs make a difference. Through education, we enrich the lives of over 300,000 beneficiaries across the globe and make the world a better place.

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