Over 135 Years.
Over 37 Countries.
More than 3,000,000
Lives Changed


Our Mission:

ORT is the Jewish organization meeting the world’s educational needs since 1880.


Our Legacy:

The cutting-edge educational skills acquired at ORT schools, colleges, and international programs enable over 300,000 students annually to attain successful careers, become community leaders and live independently.

Our Service:

ORT is one of the largest non-governmental education and training organizations in the world with activities in Israel, the Baltic and CIS, Latin America, Europe, North America, Africa and Asia . It is a non-profit, not-political organization that serves many by meeting the educational and competitive needs of today’s society.

ORT was founded in St Petersburg, in 1880 to provide employable skills for Russia’s impoverished Jewish people, but since that time ORT has evolved to service the global community.

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ORT Network: ORT programs operate in nearly every corner of the globe and ORT supporters are found in all those corners as well. No matter where you are, there’s very likely an ORT group or network near you.

ORT Leadership: ORT has a strong and committed leadership team, learn more about our Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

ORT Missions and Trips: ORT America supports programs all over the world, and a voyage on one of our missions is the best way to see them in action.

ORT Sponsors: ORT America’s corporate sponsors help to ensure the continued funding of quality education, in the United States and around the world.

History of ORT: Founded in 1880 in St. Petersburg, Russia, ORT has since expanded around the world and evolved across decades. It is a legendary story of hard work, trials and, of course, triumph.

Frequently Asked Questions: Have questions about ORT? Here is where you can find the answers. You can also contact us at 800-519-2678, or email info@ortamerica.org.